Friday, February 11, 2011

A Recap of January

To continue the previous post, what happened in January?

1) We went up and down, in and out various hospitals. After Prince Court, we went to get a second opinion at SJMC and a third opinion at IJN. Did a bit of research, used my connections (two friends referred us to two different cardiologists in IJN while a relative referred us to an anesthesiologist who used to work in IJN) to get more information and finally we narrowed our choices down to only two hospitals. Since Hubby's condition is so unique, we found out that only two doctors are able to work his case in the whole of Malaysia, and they are in IJN and Gleneagles respectively.

Thank god for full coverage with the Dutch Oil Company (which also means I probably can never stop working)!!

2) My (only) eldest brother (whom I last met in Los Angeles back in 2008) came home for a short visit. And we met up with him over dinner at Fatty Crab in Petaling Jaya.

Nothing can beat this, yet.

The one on the right is my sister in law. When I was visiting them, she brought me shopping to all the best factory outlets! She even coaxed me into buying my dream Lady Dior and also another small Dior tote which ultimately consumed half of my Sakhalin paycheque back then. She taught me that when shopping in the US, if you see something just buy it as you can always go home, think about it and return it the next day if you don't like it! So don't mess with this petite lady, she is definitely a sifu in shopping-tology!

My brother is home!

After dinner, we went to visit Abang Ramli at his 'room' in my Dad's hotel. Abang Ramli (or should I say Datuk Haji Ramli MS?) and my brother go back a long way - they once produced an album together for a band who's name escapes me (that's how unpopular the band was) in the 90s.

Saw this lying on his room floor, must be the scores for AJL. Still can't believe Hafiz won Best Vocal!

Aiden exploring Abang Ramli's washing machine and dryer. Can you believe he has these and a microwave and a mini studio all cramped in a hotel room? Good to know he's moving into a house he built soon. Saw the 3D pictures of his new home and I was drooling over the concept. It even comes equipped with a humongous studio! (What else to expect, that is his bread and butter.)

3) Aiden starts to show interest in donning a kepiah and standing beside Daddy to pray! Although his attention starts to waiver as soon as Daddy starts to rukuk.

He even has his own sejadah okay!

4) Finally found the time to make my claims for the recent Houston trip. See below to see how much of the company's money I spent:

5) *sigh* How I wish the reimbursement amount does not show RM 0.00 as I could really use the money for one of these babies:

My dream car.
We went car hunting for Hubby (not for me, unfortunately), and I instantly fell in love with the soft top cabriole Eos. Althought Hubby was leaning towards the GTI or the Scirocco.

Aiden was all over the car, even demanding for the car keys!

6) Since we could not agree on our dream car, we decided to grant Aiden his own dream car!

A Mini Cooper S. Happy early birthday Baby!

His Cooper is so cool, it can be controlled via remote or via pedal. It even has a radio (yes a radio which gets Hitz.FM etc.) and also an audio jack inlet so that I can plug in my iPhone and play his favourite videos while he cruises around the neighbourhood!

7) Apart from the early birthday present, I was clearing the attic and found a whole boxful of presents from Aiden's first birthday which I had refrained from opening as Aiden was a bit too young for them back then. So since Aiden has outgrown most of his toys, Hubby and I decided to unpack the Thomas sets (all 3 of them) and assemble them together.

Look at the elaborate track we made for him! He was so happy with his new toy, especially since the battery operated Thomas runs on his own round and round the track. And for the next few days, he would just sit still and watch Thomas go round. Even if he was preoccupied with something else, he would insist for Thomas to be turned on. If we turn it off, he would immediately realise that the familliar whirring was gone and would whip his head around in the direction of Thomas. In a nutshell, we went through at least 8AA batteries during this phase!

8) The BBGS gang organized a birthday shower for Iza's second baby.

It's a boy! Which makes it a pair for Iza. Congratulations girl!

Theme was yellow and white.

And guess what? I agreed to make a diaper cake for the occasion! You should be very amazed that for a person who still draws orang lidi (which never fails to draw peals of laughter from dear Hubby), I actually managed to create an 'acceptable' looking diaper cake. Okay fine, with a bit of help from Bibik, of course. *grin*

9) We raided Ikea a total of 3 times this month! But the purchase that we enjoyed most was Aiden's first table and chair.

Initially, Hubby was against the idea as he thought Aiden would be too young for it. But I insisted, and we were pleasantly surprised when he actually liked it! He would sit in his chair and start colouring (or scribling) on a piece of paper, and this kept him quite occupied, which is quite an achievement for Aiden.

Look at him using multiple crayons and colour pencils to draw.

So cute, his legs couldn't even reach the floor.

His learning corner.

My son's first masterpiece - on an Ikea assembly instruction.

10) And last but not least, we have Unifi! Which was our first major achievement towards the big house move, followed by the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, landscaping, curtains and touch ups.

Aiden testing the phone line while supervising the TM employee.

Well that's a recap of the past two months. It is definitely good to be back!


  1. Hi Liz, I'm Chech/Aishah - a fellow SSPian :).

    I drop by just to say that I'm so glad that you're writing again. I actually saw you at KLCC once, and would like to say 'hi, I'm your blog reader :D', but you were talking with two other friends then.

    So, a 'hi' here.

  2. Hi Kak Aisyah, of course I remember you. You were only one year my senior ;)

    Thanks for reading my blog, cos I read yours too. Enjoy your stories on Khalish. And do say Hi if you see me in KLCC again. I know sometimes I look like i'm really engrossed with a conversation (such a drama queen), but it sure would be nice to see you after such a long time!


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