Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sunday Brunch

We decided to have a laid back Sunday brunch in Bangsar Village recently. Our first pick was naturally Marmalade. We love Marmalade for the good food, and most importantly - it has a play area to keep Aiden occupied!

Hubby enjoying his first cup of morning coffee.

Anyway, this was what we ordered. A classic American breakfast for me (so that Aiden could have egg and sausages), and Hubby had Aglio Olio. Marmalade serves one of the best aglio olio in town, hands down!

We thought Aiden would have appreciated the eggs and sausages in my American breakfast, but he preferred the pasta instead. In the end, the two boys ended up fighting for the last strand of pasta in the bowl.

Marmalade front entrance.

A dessert glass cabinet greets you as you walk into the restaurant.

Spoiled for choice, Marmalade offers sliced cake, brownies and even cupcakes for your sweet tooth.

And this is Marmalade's play area. It is tucked away in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Suitable for kids below the age of 3, but I think the older kids would have fun playing with the various toys there anyway. The play area includes a slide, a small table, kiddy chairs and baskets full of toys. Kids will have to take off their shoes to play in the play area, which is covered with laminated flooring.

The seats close to the play are are almost always full. However, there is a full glass window by the side of the play area so that you can still see your child playing while you enjoy your meal.

Supervising Aiden from the glass window.

Aiden playing with the very interesting toys available.

Aiden even made friends that morning.

Aiden looking at his new friend's mother.

His new friend even came up to our table. Soon the two boys were happily playing together in the play area. Afterwards, the boy's mother approached us and gave me her card so that we could contact each other to arrange for play dates. Oh, if only I wasn't tied down to work, I would have loved the idea of bringing them together for playdates! *I wish I was a rich tai tai*

Afterwards, we brought Aiden for ice-cream.

Check out that comot face!

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