Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aiden's 4th Birthday Celebration at Kindy!

Aiden is 4!
We had Aiden's birthday celebration at his kindergarten the morning after Aiden's small barbeque celebration. Pulun sekali harung, that's what we did. And it was definitely not easy waking Aiden up for school, especially after a long night partying with his closest cousins - but as soon as he remembered that he was going to have a birthday party at school, he obediently got ready for school and allowed my maid to walk him to school.
Back at home, I was busy getting his birthday cake ready. Being the smart mummy that I am, I had baked the cake in advance and simply recycled the Transformers head from his party the night before! (Trust me, it wasn't easy making sure the boys didn't dig into the head at any point during the night!)
Did you notice that Aiden's cake from his BBQ party was square while this one was round?
Everyone lining up for morning break, Aiden included. 

Everyone crowded around the cake.
The excited birthday boy.
Basking in all the attention lavished to him.

Mummy struggling to find a spot to put the candles.

Fire, we need fire!

Mummy and Daddy were so excited singing the birthday song that we didn't even get a picture of Aiden blowing the candles out!

Vain Aiden striking another pose.
Mummy helping Aiden position the knife on the cake.

"Aww, just cut the cake already!", said Aiden's friend.
"Did you cut it all the way through??"
Cake time! Aiden enjoying Mummy's homemade moist chocolate cake, and making a mess at the same time.

Goody bags. I reluctantly used the goody bags I had originally purchased for his circus party, that never happened. *sigh*
Aiden likes this sweet girl. He's always saying how nice she is. *grin*

Pheww! We had enough goody bags! I was so worried that I didn't prepare enough.
Kids being kids, they tore the goody bag open the minute they got their hands on it.
Overall, it was a simple do. I was so happy that the kids had fun. I was even happier when one of the children's mother texted me saying how her son came home talking about Aiden's party and proudly showed off the carnival party goody bag.
Right after the party, we went to the hospital. It was our first check-up to scan the baby right after the fertility treatments. Blessing in disguise, the timing of Aiden's birthday kept me busy with the preparations when deep deep down I was very worried about the baby inside me. Takut takde heartbeat lah, ape lah.  At that point, the baby was about 5 or 6weeks old and we had only told my in-laws' family (during the birthday party the night before), my stepsister - and some close neighbours who found out by chance! We wanted to keep the news low until the first scan.
Anyway, will save the story of the pregnancy and the scan for a next post...

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