Monday, September 2, 2013

Aaron Aziz's Daughters' Birthday

Dwi and Dahlia's Dessert Table

I am extremely fortunate to be able to contribute to this birthday. Kiddybounce is owned by a neighbour and a close friend. Kiddybounce was the official party planner for Aaron Aziz's daughter's birthday party and when she offered me the opportunity to prepare Dwi and Dahlia's dessert table, I immediately accepted!

Granted, I am not a hard core Aaron Aziz fan, but heck - he's definitely drool worthy and my hands are just itching to design a dessert table for someone other than Aiden. So together with Kiddybounce, we cracked our heads together and decided on a theme. Dwi was very specific on what she wanted - a fashion show themed party. So to make her dream a reality, we decided on a hot pink zebra black theme colour based on a scene setter from Party City. And therefore we kept everything in the party true to the theme design. Invites, lanyard tags, posters, printables, cake, dessert table - everything matched!

The invitation card. I was inspired by the classic Barbie ponytail in a frame, and we decided to incorporate that as the official logo for the party.
The crew lanyards (crew all access) and guest lanyards (VIP all access).

And finally, after weeks and weeks of planning, headaches, and heartaches (headache from baking woes and heartache from nervousness), the day finally came!

Fabulous Fashionista Party

All my hard work paid off!
Dessert table a tad incomplete - Dwi's birthday cake was missing the doll on top. Zebra print table cloth from Jakel.

Printables matched the theme - the food tags, mineral water and A4 poster all used the same hot pink zebra design with the classic barbie ponytail. Funny story about the macarons - will save that for the end of this post. As for the deco of using coloured costume jewelry, amazingly Hubby came up with that idea. Smaller animal themed cake was made specifically for Dahlia.

Mineral water printables were made to say "make up remover" to match the fashionista theme. During the party, some parents came up to us and asked whether it was truly make up remover or mineral water. I find that absolutely hilarious! Cupcakes baked by yours truly the night before, and decorated with matching cupcake toppers.

The night before: Vanilla cupcakes with swirl buttercream, adorned with matching pink edible flowers.

Milk chocolate and kit kat wrapped with personalized matching wrappers. Pink swirl lollipops and marshmallows. Last but not least, Dwi's complete cake - she was very specific that she wanted a three-tier cake. And we were of course, more than happy to oblige.

Matching pennant banner.

The complete dessert table, complemented by matching balloons.

In keeping with the fashion show theme, Kiddybounce decided to make various booths for the kids to "glam up". So they had a make up booth, a hair dressing booth, and a nail painting booth. The kids can then pose for a glamour shot which is then printed on the spot just for them to bring home. How cool is that??!!

I was on duty at this booth - make up! Loving the handmade dressing table mirror with vanity lighting, ala Hollywood film star! Makeup case by yours truly - I don't know what possessed me to buy that transparent casing but every time I bring it out, I get people asking me whether I am a make up artist.

Dwi and Dahlia, post make up.

Dwi complete with hair accessories.

Note to self, next time please make sure you identify the birthday girl beforehand. I had so many girls going through the make up booth and along came Dwi for her turn. I didn't even realise it was Dwi until I asked her for her name - and when she replied "Dwi", I exclaimed, "you're the birthday girl!" much to my embarrassment. So much for recognizing the father but not the daughters! *grin*

Cake cutting time.

Family picture. 

We forgot to light up the candles!

Dwi conducting the crowd to sing her birthday song.

Check out the flash bulbs from all the cameras in the room. Paparazzi habis!

Dahlia's turn with her cake.

One of Dwi's classmate was also celebrating her birthday on the same day, so she brought a cake to celebrate the occasion as well. Aaron holding my jewelry stand, which I had modified to match the theme by sewing a hot pink cloth around the figure to resemble a dress.

Aaron lighting up the candles on the girl's cake.

After cake cutting, the kids then went outside to hit the pinata and jump in the bouncing castle by the poolside. Westin also has a separate playroom full with toys for the boys to play with, and that was where I stationed Aiden and my maid for the entire evening. Where was Hubby? I found him at the end of the event, drinking coffee with Aaron Aziz and a couple of other guys! Men, how easily they bond over food!

At the end of the event, each child went home with their glamour portrait, a jar of marshmallows and a small goody bag courtesy of Westin.  

Oh, did I mention how nice Aaron Aziz was throughout the party? I found him very down to earth, and very fatherly with kids. And at the end of the day, I was walking by the elevators and he happened to be there, sending off his family. He actually personally addressed me and said "thank you".

Aaron playing with Dahlia.

Who can resist a photo opportunity with Aaron Aziz??

So? Drool worthy??

Thank you Hubby! He helped me with the manly jobs, such as assembling and dismantling the table, and hooking up the lanterns and balloons to the ceiling.

The neighbours! Picture courtesy of Kiddybounce.

The ladies who made it happen. All dressed in coordinated white tops and jeans. Picture courtesy of Kiddybounce.

The lady responsible for the fabulous birthday cakes! Thanks babe. Visit Shireen Bakes for all your baking needs!!

And of course, Diyana uploaded pictures of me on make up duty, on her Instagram. I'm famous!!

Aaron thanking Kiddybounce for the party.
Last but not least, I owe you a story about the macarons. In an attempt to make even the macarons match with the hot pink zebra theme, I tried making striped macarons. Here was the disaster:

I guess there must be a reason why people don't make striped macarons. Total epic failure!!! In the end I just stuck to my normal macaron recipe. Less heartache!


  1. good effort on the macaroons though.. hahaha... eh.. if you have a better resipe for buttercream..please do send me an email ok Liz..

  2. Hi..dont mind if you can share where can i get the zebra table cloth..

  3. Hi. Dont mind if you can share which jakel that you bought for zebra printed table cloth..

  4. Farah, buttercream is just icing sugar, butter, vanilla and a bit of milk. To make it stiffer, increase the ratio of icing sugar to butter up to double. If not, equal icing sugar and butter pun dah ok. But you should try swiss meringue buttercream - google for the recipe. That one I tak try lagi but it is good!

  5. Pn Rose, I bought it at Jakel Kota Damansara. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi, I would to know, where did u bought that make up mirror with bulb? thanks.

    1. Hi! That one was DIY made. Not store bought ;)


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