Wednesday, September 11, 2013

IT Savvy - New Computer!

Hubby and I, we have always been planning to buy a proper computer or laptop for home use. Since our last laptop broke down a good 3 years ago, it has been a long running joke between the both of us on how IT-unsavvy we have become. Hubby has to travel to the office just to use the office computer for his engineering software use, while I resorted to using the iPhone or the company laptop (which has download restrictions) at home for surfing purposes. It became quite a nuisance whenever we needed to use iTunes or start on a photobook project, but somehow we survived. Until last week.

So last week we finally decided to "look around" at the MidValley IT fair. And when I say "look around" I usually have the tendency to buy, while Hubby tries to restrain me before I make the transaction. Unfortunately this time, Mr Hubby is also salivating for a new computer, so after a lot of walking around, comparing, negotiating, dinner to think about it, and walking around again, we finally brought one home.

Seriously, the IT industry has really taken a major change since the last time we bought our laptop. Back then, it was either a laptop, or a desktop i.e. a monitor plus a CPU. Nowadays, there are laptops where can actually detach the screen, and since the screen is a touch screen, it can also act as a tablet. When you want to charge it or need a keyboard, just stick it back to the keyboard, and tada, you get a laptop!

As for the desktops, even the monitors are now touch screen. Not only that, there is something called an all-in-one desktop, which combines the CPU with the monitor so that you only have one bulky thing to make room for instead of two. And since you only need one power cable, you can actually make it quite mobile instead of confining it to the computer table all the time.

Need I also mention the various processors, RAM speed, storage space and other gazillion add-ons in the market? Phewwww... I definitely understood none of those, but I stuck with the principle where, the bigger the number is, the better it is! For instance, an i5 would be better than an i3. And an 8GB RAM would better than a 4GB. A 1Terra storage, better than a 500GB. You get the drift...

So in the end, this was what we got! The HP Envy All in One Touch Screen. And I thought we got quite a good deal for it - a free wireless keyboard mouse, free subwoofer and a scan-fax-copy-printer for a discounted price.

Our loot for the night. Subwoofer in the unlabelled box. Carry bag (ala Longchamp design) and a rose courtesy of the IT fair.

Look at that cheeky boy and his yellow helicopter! Someone was selling remote controlled helicopters at the IT Fair and he kept pestering us for one. The only way we could make him behave was by promising to get him one. Of course, he tuntut his present before the night ended!

Photo from Google. Loving the sleek and slim design.

Proof that we made a thorough comparison before making our purchase. Funny thing is, we didn't even buy any model from the comparison *smacks head*
I slept at 3am that night, setting up the computer (the next day was a Monday!) See how little space we needed for the computer? We also managed to squeeze the subwoofer under the table.
Hubby probably slept even later than me, as he also had to setup the printer!
Excuse the table. We have not had the opportunity to go shopping for a proper computer table so we made do with an existing side table. Total failure in ergonomics - I get a bad backache whenever I use the computer for extended hours. However, it is actually just the right size and height for Aiden!

Aiden was the happiest of all with this new purchase. He hasn't gotten the hang of using a mouse, so with the touch screen, he is able to play Disney Junior games just like the iPad. I just need to constantly clean the screen for fingerprints!
Let's see whether this new computer makes a difference in frequency of blogging. If there is no improvement, I can always blame Aiden for hogging the computer with his games! *grin*

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