Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ian at Four Months Old!

Found a picture of Aiden when he was 4 months old. Decided to dress Ian up in the same clothes and pose him in the exact same way. Don't know about you, but I think Aiden and Ian are starting to look drastically different from each other!

Two babies, one romper. Who wore it best?

Since we're on the last day of April, let me do a quick recap of what Ian was up to during his 4th month on earth!

  • He can now understand that he can extend his hand out and grasp things. When I drink while dukung him, he wants to hold the cup. When hubby dukungs him, he grabs on to Hubby's specs. When he's crying, dangle something in front of him and he will immediately stop crying to try and grab the object.
  • But funny enough, he doesn't like to suck his own fingers but rather prefers to grab to our hand and suck on our fingers! Enjoys clamping his gums on to our fingers. Suspect he's teething cos his 'bite' is quite intense!
  • Despite the initial 'scare' of him being darker than Aiden (serves me right, why did I favour Polka's Melon drink instead of Soya Bean milk throughout the pregnancy???), Ian is starting to become fairer and fairer. Must be all the milk baths we've been giving him. No, I didn't use fresh expressed milk for this. I just diligently kept all leftover milk from his feeds into a tiny container and mixed it with his bath water for a yummy milk spa. Nyum!
  • Still doesn't like to laugh out loud. Aiden still holds the title of being able to make him laugh. But he simply loves smiling, especially if I am teaching Aiden how to read. "What is the sound of A? Ah, ah ah! What is the sound of B? Beh beh beh!" Okay you get the drift. He must think i'm super duper funny (or sound super duper ridiculous)!
  • Still doesn't like being in the sitting position. Insists on standing up, and to add something new, is starting to want to jump! *buries head in hands* Give it a few more weeks, he will want to jump all day - oh my arm muscles!
  • When standing, he's starting to be able to bear his own weight on his legs so instead of having to hold him steady under his arms, I simply have to put a finger in each of his hand, and he stands up quite steadily!
  • Starting to consume more milk, less sleep. Absolute nightmare for my maid. *grin* Drinks about 4.5oz of milk per feed. Sleeps twice in the day - about 11am and 4pm. Then 8pm after his night shower then he tortures Mummy by wanting to play at midnight. Huwaaa... Sometimes, he skips the 4pm nap because Aiden wrecks havoc at home or simply because he wants to play with his big brother. Oh my poor maid!
  • Dah start kenal orang! Just last week my in-laws came over and he wailed loudly when they picked him up. But we tried it again with our neighbour the next day but he didn't wail pulak. Hmmm...
  • Doesn't like cuddling anymore! Or rather not too fond of it - and similar to Aiden, he hates when we put the blanket on his legs - he would try his very hardest to kick it away. I think he needs the space, so I better treasure these few more weeks of cuddling before he learns to push us away.
  • Sometimes Hubby would rub his nose playfully Ian's cheek and leave it there, and Ian would stay motionless dengan muka redha jer. Super cute!
  • Hair doesn't look like it will be thickening soon. *sigh* He obviously didn't get my thick hair gene. *flips hair*
  • Enjoys being outdoors. If I get home before dark, I would make a point to push him in his stroller around the neighbourhood. Aiden would accompany us as well, and we would make short stops at the playground or a neighbour's house. Sometimes by the time we get home, he would fall asleep in his stroller so I would bring the stroller in and park him beside the door. That's how much he loves going out. Jangan dah besar tak lekat kat rumah sudahhhhhh...
  • Still on the subject of enjoying being outdoors, he also loves his weekend trips out. Poor Ian, unlike Aiden who was dragged everywhere, everytime - Ian only gets to go out during the weekends - and even then we sometimes leave him with the maid if we want to catch a movie or something. So he is the happiest baby if he gets to be in a moving car (note the word moving - if the car stops and he is cranky, he will wail!), or in his car seat being pushed around in a shopping mall.
  • Flips over like a pro nowadays. Starting to show signs to mengesot backwards such as wiggling and trying to lift his torso slightly, but nothing major to report yet. Probably next month. 
  • When flipped over, he would (for lack of better words) pull his betis upwards towards his buttock, either simultaneously or one by one. When sitting down, he loves flexing his super chubby legs.

Like this! Notice how mantap his legs are? Tak padan dengan his upper body, which is normal size. And this is when he flexes his legs. If un-flexed, can you imagine the number of layers his thighs have?
Look at those bright eyes!
Inquisitive eyes.
The rare occasions when he would tolerate his fingers in his mouth. Too adorable!
Long lashes, but sorry baby - still cannot lawan Abang Aiden's thick long ones. You can blame Daddy for that gene. *evil grin*
Oh, those layers of nyum! Can I have a bite of those drumsticks?
Grinning happily with his Abang Aiden.
Serious face.

And... apart from the thin hair gene, we also found picture evidence that Ian looks like Hubby! (When we showed Aiden Hubby's old pictures, he was so confident that it was Ian. Even Aiden can't tell the difference!)

See the similarities?
Kan, kan?

So Aiden looks more like me, Ian looks like Hubby. Satu soranggggggg. Life is fair after all!

And that brings us to the close of Ian's fourth month old journey. Happy five months old, baby!

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