Friday, April 11, 2014

My Epic Jumbo Purchase!

I last splurged on a handbag back in 2011, when I went a bit crazy and bought myself a Chanel GST. I was hesitant at first about spending such a huge amount on a handbag, but when it arrived, I never regretted it one bit.

After that big splurge, I never thought I would fork out a huge sum of money for another handbag. Yes, along the years I have bought a spur-of-the-moment Ferragamo hobo, an LV Speedy, kirim from a friend a Prada Gaufre tote bag from Italy and of course the compulsory Coach, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Furla from my few trips to Houston. Not to mention my existing LV Galliera Hubby bought and another impulse purchase of a Burberry shoulder bag, both canvas and worn regularly, and of course my first designer handbag - a beautiful suede Lady Dior that I bought back in 2007.

Well, I thought wrong. Instead of being a bit crazy, I went totally cuckoo. Remember my dream handbag? Yes, I bought myself a Chanel classic 2.55 jumbo double flap in black caviar with gold hardware. *cue scream of disbelief*

Picture taken at the boutique.

Before you ask me why I bought myself another Chanel bag in the same colour as my GST, let me clarify why. I do not intend to splurge on anymore Jumbos in the near future, and black is the safest colour as it matches anything and everything. Dark colours are easier to maintain and black caviar is well sought for, in case I decide to sell it in the future.

Got my sister to purchase this beauty in Paris. I specifically wanted her to buy the bag at the Chanel mothership - 31, Rue Cambon, but unfortunately they didn't have any in stock so Chanel called her a cab to the boutique in Montaigne that had what I wanted. I didn't know that Italy (specifically Venice and Rome) offers the highest VAT return - 14% as compared to Paris which only offers 11%! Totally weird since Chanel originates from Paris!! So I could have saved a further 3% if I had instructed my sister to buy it in Italy, however there is always a silver lining to every grouse. Since Paris was her last stop, at least I knew my bag was going straight home instead of travelling everywhere from Italy to London to Paris, getting knocked around in her luggage and boarding public transportation from one location to another! *ayat sedapkan hati*

The Chanel headquarters - 31, Rue Cambon. 

The Montaigne Chanel boutique where my sister made my epic purchase.

Anyway, it arrived yesterday and my sister witnessed the opening of the package. My sister is such an angel, she hand carried the bag home exactly as how Chanel packed it. Not even the iconic white flower was missing! Opening the package was such an experience. There were so many layers to unwrap, and us being girls we squealed and stopped for pictures after each and every layer! It took us nearly an hour to open the package! *grin*

The black paperbag with the iconic white flower. Can you believe people actually sell the paperbags online?
White tissue paper to cover the box underneath.

A Chanel white tissue paper to be exact!

And the box is out!

Tied with a Chanel ribbon, adorned with another white flower.

The box is a very sturdy magnetic box - the magnets click when you close the box. I love the fact that the box is not only pretty but functional as well as it keeps my bag protected.

The box and packing were designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 2011 especially for the classic bags.

Anddddd we opened the box. And yet another layer of tissue paper.

With a Chanel sticker.

Underneath the black tissue paper, finally the dustbag with a beautiful suede-like texture.

The design on the dustbag matches the black sticker.

Flipped the dustbag open and was so excited to see Karl Lagerfeld's signature on it!

The signature.

Okay last picture of the dustbag!

Finally, I see the bag!

Took it out of the dustbag, and the bag is again wrapped in Chanel white tissue paper. See the Chanel booklets underneath the bag? One is a care booklet whilst the other is an authentication booklet where the serial number matches the authentication card in the bag.

My sister said, macam surat beranak!

Finally, finally, finally, the bag makes an appearance.

I am in love.

Absolutely in love!

Welcome to the family!

So, since it looks like I am splurging on a Chanel whenever I have a baby, I have decided that Aiden and Ian will each inherit one Chanel each. My friend joked that Aiden's future wife would probably be quite upset that Ian's future wife gets a Jumbo while she has to settle for the GST. Sorry lah Aiden, Mummy could only afford a GST back in 2011. Oh well, at least my kids are not burdened with having to buy Chanel handbags for their wives! Vintage Chanel, anyone? *grin*

Oh, I should also probably mention that Hubby went absolutely ballistic when he saw the bag. I was surprised, because I had mentioned my intent to buy the bag the week before. Well, actually I had to tell him due to a slight miscommunication with my sister. Hubby, the kids and I were in Port Dickson for the weekend when my sister texted me to inform that she was already in Paris and asked for me to transfer the money for the purchase. I thought she was going to be in Paris on Monday! So I had no access to a bank for ASB withdrawals, I only had half of the money required in my bank, therefore I had to menghadap Hubby to borrow the balance. In the end, Hubby only agreed to let me borrow a small sum so my sister had to pool her money and her friend's money (who was travelling with her) to cover the balance! I think deep down he presumed I couldn't cough up the cash and didn't buy the bag. (My sister is such a life saver!!) Needless to say, I received quite an earful from Hubby about paying an arm and a leg for a handbag, which was a waste of money in his eyes, about the number of handbags I already have in my closet... bla bla bla.. He was so angry, I couldn't even get a word in!

Since I know Hubby frequently reads my Facebook and Instagram, I decided to rally up support from the masses. This was what I posted, and so far all my girlfriends have been backing up my investment, even giving advise on how to pujuk Hubby!

By the way, I do not condone plagiarism so naturally I do not agree to counterfeit handbags. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a brand snob, but I really believe that buying authentic items is equal to quality. You get what you pay for. Ciao!


  1. Seeing the 'unwrapping' process, it worth the investment indeed;).

    Hi, stumble upon your blog and the bag attracted me;).

  2. Hehehe Farah, I love it too!

    Hello pc, I sincerely think it is worth the investment. On 15th April 2014, Chanel increased their Jumbo price by about 16%. I missed the price increase by 10 days! Phewww...

  3. just stumbled onto your blog today and woweee I love a Chanel reveal/box opening. totally agree on how it is an investment! the prices for a chanel these days are CRAZY!!!

    1. Hello Dina, thanks for joining me in the unboxing of my new baby! Hehe I agree, Chanel has increased their price so much it is becoming quite crazy. I think this is also due to the fact that other brands have increased their price so Chanel has to increase even more to maintain their "elite" status. However not everyone has that kind of money to splurge! And it frustrates me that by the time I convince myself to splurge on a handbag, the price would have gone up yet again and I would silently kick myself for not buying it earlier. Then I end up not buying anything. Then regretting again. Oh the vicious cycle hahaha.

  4. how much you bought from chanel italy?

    1. EUR 3450 (before the price increase), minus 11% VAT. Equals many months of eating instant noodles... hehehe


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