Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Long Awaited Birthday Present!

And so, I promised that I would blog about the surprise which was on my desk at the office yesterday. Well, it wasn't really a surprise since I practically ordered it (although it was hubby's hard earned money). But still, to actually hold it in my hands... *sigh* BLISS!!!!

According to hubby, this is like erm... 3 years worth of birthday present all rolled into one!
According to me? Yeah right!

The LV journey started way back in November. I would visit the LV outlet in KLCC nearly every available lunch break, trying to pick a model that suits my lifestyle. I hate top handles bags. Yeah, they look very dainty, very lady like. But they're so non-practical! I have one top handle Dior bag, and I would only use it for dinners, or short trips out. It is undeniably pretty but it is so uncomfortable to carry! On the contrary, my favorite Coach shoulder bag has been with me through thick and thin in Sakhalin - survived extreme temperatures, long 4WD rides to site, ample space for passport, toothbrush and junk and matches my daily wear (jeans). The bag is so well-travelled!

So when Widya and I set our eyes on this creation, we were absolutely hooked. I have always loved the Azur pattern, but it looked even more beautiful on the Galliera. Very comfortable on the shoulder, abundant room (to fit my whole entire dresser in!) and the design plus the shiny gold plague in the front screamed "LV!!!!!!" all the way. Haha... if you're going to splurge on a handbag, you might as well shout it out. Sorry, when I own a Hermes Birkin bag, I promise i'll be more tactful and discrete *huge grin*

Immediately after making up our minds, both Widya and I placed our orders. No way were we paying Ringgit Malaysia for the bag when we can pay less in Pounds! Hail the Queen of England! And thank god for VAT!

Incidentally, a good friend of ours has a friend who lives in London. And this friend has a BIL who was making a trip to London. And the BIL works for the ex-wife of Sultan of Brunei, therefore part of his task in London was to pick up the ex-Sultanah's Christmas party dresses (one of it was actually priced at 6000Pounds). Therefore at one point, my handbag was actually rolling around with the 6000 Pounds dress in the boot of the car.

So to make a longggg story short, it FINALLY arrived in my hands yesterday!

I love it! Thank you Sayang!!!

No jokes about the million and one ways Aiden will think of to dirty the white canvas, okay!

I now sleep soundly at night...
Picture credit from LV's official website.
The Louis Vuitton Azur Galliera comes in two sizes - PM and GM. Mine is the smaller version - PM. Even then, it has more than enough room even for a hoarder like me!
I even checked the Singapore LV outlet. Why you ask, considering that when I was in Singapore, the order had already been placed? Hmm.. jeez, I don't know!
The place was absolutely packed, they had to form a queue outside the store!
If the faceless mannequin is wearing it, it must be a gooooddd buy!
That's hubby, meratap pemergian duitnya.
P.S: I stand by my view Widya. It is an insult to all LV owners out there, to use the above as a diaper bag and a place to put "Ribena"! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


  1. mmg melatopbb!! haha best btoi kalo dpt sebijik! hahaha

  2. hehe talking about diaper bag...why did u think i bought the large gucci sukey? :P


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