Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ian at Six Months Old!

Wow, July! Time really flies!

Happy Ramadhan Mubarak to all my Muslim readers, and I sincerely hope you all have a blessed month ahead. The start of fasting also marks Ian's journey into his seventh month mark, so lets recap his last month!

  • At six months, Ian is a healthy 8kg baby! His weight is starting to take a toll on my ganglion. *sigh*
Giving the superman pose during his six month check-up.
Abang Aiden excited over the growth of his baby brother.

  • Early of the month, he started lifting his bum high and gradually tried pushing himself backwards. However - by the end of the month, he was able to lift his bum AND his tummy high up, probably practicing getting into the crawling position. 
  • He is also able to use his arms to bear up and twist his body to the side, probably practicing getting into the sitting position.
  • And, just 4 days shy of turning 7 months old, he started to mengesot backwards! So he can now lift his bum and tummy and use his hands to push his body backwards. Every time we put something in front of him to tempt him to move forward, he would immediately mengesot (unfortunately) backwards and you could just see how frustrated he was that he kept going the wrong way!
  • Rolls over like a pro as usual, but since he can how hold his head up high; when he flips over, his head would hit the floor (carpet) with a thud. I would wince every time I see or hear him do it but thankfully say out of 5 times it happens, he would cry only once. I think the carpet probably cushioned most of the fall. 

Definitely cute and not crabby!

  • Unfortunately, he is starting to hate the car seat. I think with his new found mobility, he is starting to get agitated whenever he is forced to sit quietly. And he would start to wail, just like Aiden when Aiden was a baby. *le sigh*
  • Gives me a big huge smile when he seems me coming through the door after a long day at work. Just like the picture below. Sure melts my heart!

 Very happy grin.
Slightly happy grin.

  • Recognizes the word "susu" (milk) and will immediately "ask" for it by crying "ehek ehek". Okay that sounded completely stupid, but I swear that is the sound he makes whenever he hears the word "susu". It's as if he's agreeing to the prospect of getting milk!

Sleeping contentedly after a round of milk! Check out the long lashes!

  • Loves checking out his own reflection in the mirror. Although i'm not really sure whether he understands that he's actually looking at himself.
  • He is now able to make clucking sounds! Ultimate cuteness!
  • Very bouncy babe. Bounces his legs everywhere, in the swimming pool, when picked up from the rocker, when standing supported.

Thankfully the chubby thighs have not been compromised from all those bouncing.

  • Loves his Baby Bites biscuit. In fact, he can finish one piece in just under five minutes!
  • Four spoons of food is not enough anymore. He actually cried after the last spoonful! So we tried doubling the amount and he gobbled it all up! Not only that, he is showing extreme interest in our food all the time.
  • Hates pureed food in a jar - he would actually clamp his mouth shut and refuse any spoonfuls, or simply just spit it out. But if it is something he likes (such as our food or chocolate!), he would open his mouth eagerly.

Ooohhh nyummy Baby Bites!

  • Great hand and eye coordination - Ian is now able to scoop things with one hand. If something is out of reach, he will stretchhhhh his hand out, or even pull the mattress (he is on) in an effort to pull the thing closer to him.

Giving me the puppy eye look, coaxing me to lift him up from his Jumperoo.
Trying out his formal clothes.
Yes, we all love you baby!

And that brings us to the close of Ian's sixth month old journey. Happy seven months old, baby!

Also, Aiden is such a great big brother. We can actually trust him to look after his brother in the living hall. Whenever Ian heads for the TV panel, he would quickly run to Ian and place his hand over Ian's head to protect his brother from hitting the hard wood, and at the same time calling for one of us to come help. Once, he was playing with his remote control car and it accidentally hit Ian. He immediately said "Sorry, Ian!" I saw the whole thing and reprimanded him because the car had a sharp edge and could have poked Ian's eye (and I exaggerated by saying Ian could go blind). Aiden got so distraught over the whole thing, and looked like he wanted to cry. Such a protective brother!

On the other hand, Aiden also manages to flabbergast me with statements such as:

  • Pointing to a picture of the Sultan of Selangor on the billboard - "Mummy, is that Allah?" 
  • We found out that he and two other friends were sent to see the discipline teacher in school, so we asked him why - "I scribbled on the table and then played football championship using erasers with my friends." Oh my, that's World Cup fever for you!
  • When asked about what he wants to be when he grows up - "I want to be a guard so I can shoot bad guys!" I said, "You mean you want to be a policeman?" and he answered "No, Mummy, a guard! Were you listening?"
  • At the end of a very delicious meal - "Best giler!!" Oh wow, where did you pick that up, son!

Aiden oh Aiden, you will always be the apple of our eyes!


  1. Was Googling about Cahaya SPK when I stumbled on your blog. Now tengah ketawa pasal "is that Allah?" hahaha sebijik ayat my 5 y/o daughter when she saw Agong's poster :D

    1. Thanks for the comment, Puteri. Oh my, I'm not alone in this then. I was truly speechless masa dia tanya "is that Allah?" Terkedu tak tahu nak cakap apa! After a while I said "no, you can't see Allah", dia tanya why pulak! *scratches head* hehehe


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