Saturday, July 19, 2014

Polo Ralph Lauren Kids Raya Sale

I had a meeting in KL last week, so I decided to catch up with my colleagues in KL over lunch. When I say lunch I meant shopping - not eating okay! The first thing my friends told me as soon as I boarded their car to KLCC was - Polo Ralph Lauren Kids was on sale!

Well, when you become a Mummy, your clothes automatically become secondary. How your kids look sometimes actually matter more! Especially for boys, there aren't that many choices available to provide variation to their closet. It's either shirts or pants or shorts or t-shirts - you get the drift. Hence, having to resort to branded clothes for some variety.

As soon as we approached the shop, I whispered to my friend - "Takde signboard sale pun?" and she confidently replied "I dah masuk semalam, signboard dia kecikkkk jer!" And she was right. There was an itsy bitsy small signage which stated that everything was on 50% off storewide. I repeat, storewide! And if you buy 5 pieces, you get an additional 20%! 

But here comes the silly bit - if you buy 6 pieces you don't get the 20% off. You only get it with every 5 pieces - hence 5 or 10 or 15... Absurd if you ask me. Why deter customers from buying 8 pieces (for instance)? Thankfully, between the three of us we managed to pool our purchases to 10 pieces.

By the way - not all stock are displayed on the racks. I actually sat down on the floor and went through their drawers! *muka tebal* Trust your instincts and ignore the salesgirls!

Polo Ralph Lauren Kids on Level 2, KLCC

I bought matching tops for Aiden and Ian. Plus matching shorts for Ian.

This was on sale as well. It has a big number knitted at the back - very nice!

But instead I took it in white - as I had a similar top at home to match.

Matching tops for Aiden and I.

The mothers posing with our loot. My first time using the monopod in KLCC - it attracted quite a lot of curious onlookers!

So if you're struggling Raya clothes for your kids, try checking Polo Ralph Lauren. I am sure you will find something for your lucky daughter/son!

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