Sunday, July 20, 2014

Painting My Living Hall with Nippon Momento

Oh the power of advertisements!

Have you watched the Nippon advert on TV recently? The one where a loving couple wakes up and the husband heads into the kitchen to bake a cake while the wife starts painting their wall, and in the end they enjoyed their cake in front of their newly painted wall! Mind you - it's not just any wall - it actually looks like wallpaper! I watched the advert at my aunt's house and I simply loved how the advert showcased how men and women can swap roles at anytime, and how similar baking and painting can be. So, I thought - if I can bake, I can surely paint, right?

The very next day *kiasuhabis*, I went to our neighbourhood hardware shop and bought myself a set of Nippon Momento. I say a set, because it is sold in a set which included a tin of primer, a tin of special effect paint and a toolkit (brush, spatula and stirrer).

I was not paid to review this product, but since I am such a sucker for good home deals, I have decided to share the love around by letting you know that you can now get a set for just RM98! Offer valid until the end of the month - and then it is back to its original price of RM140+.

The Nippon Momento set.

Since our living hall is now in mainly silver/blackish tones, we decided to paint the wall grey. The Nippon Momento comes in 4 variants - Elegant, Sparkle Pearl, Sparkle Silver and Sparkle Gold. I chose the Sparkle Silver because I wanted the end result to have a dash of glitz.

The Sparkle Silver variant had pages and pages of colour options! In the end we chose Introspect - MS150.

First step, paint the primer over the wall. Since our wall was previously brown, we made sure we did a good job covering it with primer until the old colour was no longer visible.

The original colour brown partly painted over with the primer.

Guess who wanted to help? Aiden painting in his pyjamas!

He insisted on helping us every single step of the way. He kept asking, "Now, what do I do?" until we ran out of things for him to help with!

Halfway done.

Finally done. Ian was watching cartoon while we were busy painting.

We actually only started painting right after terawih at the Surau. By the time we finished with the primer, it was close to 1 am! But still we chugged along and decided to simply continue with the next step, which was to paint the special effects paint. We gave the paint a good stir using the stirrer, and using the brush, we painted the wall using a criss-cross method. After ten minutes, while the paint was still semi-dry, we scraped the wall in a slanted motion using the spatula. This ensures that the paint is evenly distributed and gives it the "wallpaper" effect that we want.

See the criss-cross paint?

This is how it looks like after it has been scraped using the spatula.

We finished painting the entire wall at 3 am. By the time I tucked cranky Aiden into bed (yes, he lasted that long!), it was close to 330 am. So where are the end results, you ask? Check out this post here to see how our living hall currently looks with this new feature wall and new curtains. A new look for Eid!


  1. amazing, ur living room really nice...i just buy a momento frost, hope i also will get nice effect as urs.

    1. Hi, thanks for the compliment. I wish you luck with your momento frost! :)


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