Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Aiden, my witty 5 year old.

This scene has been repeating itself a few times, although with slightly different circumstances:

Me: Aiden, cepat la Sayang!
Aiden: Sayang?
Me: Yes, sayang!
Aiden: But sayang is goat!
Me: Mmmbbeeekkk (stupid response cos mummy just cannot be bothered to ask further, suspecting that it's probably his over imaginative mind!)

But tonight, he added, "My mandarin teacher said so!" And so I googled it. Anddddd yes, Shānyáng means goat in Mandarin!!! Sorry Aiden, no wonder you act offended every time I call you Sayang - apparently I've been calling you a goat! Poor boy, I was not mandarin-savvy enough to understand it earlier!


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