Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Snuza Hero Giveaway Results

Tadgets is having a great promotion for the Snuza Hero and even the Snuza Trio Plus. The price is the lowest ever I have seen so far, and I am even more impressed that they provide free delivery to Malaysia! Click here for the link to this promotion, which is only valid until 7th Sept - that's just 4 days away!

Anyway, I finally got around to picking my winners for the Sunza Hero Giveaway (well I didn't pick them - but rather picked them). Out of 9 entries, the first time I generated a number, it gave me #4, and the second time I generated a number, it gave me #2!

Anyway, the engineer in me decided to click it a few more times, and interestingly, #4 kept coming up again and again and again! (Once, it even picked #4 three times consecutively!) So i.lyn.farhana, you must be one lucky gal... you probably have superb luck in lucky draws and stuff like that. *grin*

Sooooooo *drumroll, please*... Congratulations to i.lyn.farhana and Jennifer Chew - Tadgets will be contacting you for your addresses so that they can ship the prize to you. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you to the rest for reading this blog and joining this humble giveaway of mine. *teary-eyed* I wish I have more of this stuff to give all of you!

Lucky #4!
Lucky #2!
Also, thanks to Tadgets for publicizing my original post on the Snuza Trio Plus and Snuza Hero review!

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