Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meeting Madam Kwan

Wow, I never expected to meet with the woman responsible for Nasi Bojari; Madam Kwan in flesh!

Picture was taken at Madam Kwan, Pavilion just last week. Hubby didn't believe me when I said that Madam Kwan herself was at the entrance of the restaurant. Until he saw the life size poster of Madam Kwan. 

Madam Kwan was so nice, she greeted us and even brought us over to our seats. She even made sure everyone had their own menus - even Aiden!

Aiden the Melayu boy was torn between ordering the Nasi Lemak or the Char Kuey Teow. Hubby, of course went with his favourite Nasi Bojari. They both cleared their plates clean!

Check out the staring contest between Aiden and Ian.

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