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Samsung Kidstime - Educational Apps for Kids

Being a full-time working mother, I am not always around to monitor Aiden when I am away at work. He is left to his own devices (pun intended), and I cannot depend on the maid to do more than just the daily supervision. So I constantly worry that he is spending his afternoons either playing on his tablet, or watching television.

Kids should not be glued to technology devices such as the tablet or the TV. They need physical outdoor play and unstructured playtime to promote intelligence and cognitive growth. However, since technology is integral to the education and subsequent careers of our children, denying a child the opportunity to experience technology is perhaps robbing them of the ability to refine their understanding of evolving technology around us.

So what should a mother do then? Since I cannot physically remove the TV every day before I leave for work (Hubby screwed the TV to the TV panel), the best alternative was to hide the tablet and establish a snooze timer on the TV. However, this wasn't effective enough to stop Aiden from finding the tablet (under the couch!) or switching the TV on again to override the timer.

All that changed when Samsung contacted me to review their latest educational app for kids called Samsung KidsTime.

Samsung KidsTime

Samsung KidsTime was created to provide safe and meaningful playtime for kids. Big words aside, it means providing educational child-curated apps and eBooks for kids, in a safe and age appropriate digital environment.

I admit I was a tad cynical about the whole concept. However, the kind folks at Samsung gave Aiden and me a couple of hours with the device to explore the application. Afterwards, they even asked for my opinion about it.

Aiden being fitted up with the microphone. Check out his excited grin.

The crew filming Aiden using Samsung KidsTime.

I was interviewed by Samsung for my opinion on KidsTime.

When Aiden was handed the tablet, he was overjoyed. As soon as we launched KidsTime on the device, Aiden got slightly overwhelmed; he didn’t know which app to try out first as there were over 80 games and eBooks to choose from. Not only that - new apps are updated every month, and best of all, kids get access to all content for a minimal monthly fixed price.

So what was my first impression of the application?

Time Limit

Apart from the colourful, vibrant graphics and foot-tapping music, the first feature that struck me about Samsung KidsTime was the Time Limit feature. Parents now have the ability to set the duration of playtime; up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Aiden of course wanted to set it to the full monty, but at least I am assured that he is only exposed to the tablet for a maximum of one hour per day. This effectively instills a mentality for time management and responsible game play.

Parents can set the duration of playtime.

Aiden gleefully wanted to set it to the maximum 60 minutes.

Safe Environment

The next thing that I appreciated about it was the safe environment. As soon as Samsung KidsTime is launched on the device, there is no way for the child to exit the application hence the tablet can solely be used to play Samsung KidsTime child appropriate apps only. To exit Samsung KidsTime, parents will have to enter a pin code at the App Lock feature to use the tablet as normal. (I hereby vow to not be swayed by Aiden’s puppy eyes when he asks for the pin code… *prays*) Apart from that, Samsung KidsTime also provides a safe environment by carefully combing their apps to ensure that they do not have any ads or any in-app purchases. Yes, you read that right. Zero ads, zero in-app purchases – it is every parent’s dream. Now I do not have to worry about receiving messages from my credit card for an in-app purchase, or worse; Aiden clicking on inappropriate banners, viewing online violence or even adult content! I do not even have to filter his apps as I know his online sessions are safe and secure with Samsung KidsTime.

Parent PIN ensures that kids cannot exit KidsTime without parents' permission.

What every parent wants - a safe online environment for their children.

Educational and Interactive Content

During my time exploring the app content with Aiden, I noticed that all of the games revolved around educational premises such as Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Creativity and Language Arts. Since Aiden has a love and flair for numbers, he naturally gravitated towards apps related to Math. All of the apps are fun and interactive, hence kids need to think and interact with the device as it responds to user input. This is quality screen time, as indirectly, they are learning while playing. This is a far cry and way much better than sitting in front of a television receiving passive information. It also gives me peace of mind that every time Aiden is holding on to the electronic device, he is being educated and entertained at the same time.

There are over 80 games and eBooks for your child to choose from.

Child Progress Dashboard

Last but certainly not least, the Child Progress Dashboard. The best feature of them all and certainly the first of its kind; Samsung KidsTime tracks your child’s usage duration, monitors their time spent on particular apps and even suggests other educational apps to complement their holistic learning. And this is all accessible via a dashboard, where all information is consolidated into a colour coded pie-chart to provide parents a comprehensive report of their child’s interest. Using this, parents can steer their children towards apps that would improve areas they are weak in, or further expose them to subjects they are passionate about.

The dashboard gives a comprehensive report for parents. This one is Lizzie's profile *grin*, and I am obviously passionate about Language Arts!

Here are a couple of behind-the-scene photos from that afternoon. They were a great crew - super efficient and very patient with Aiden's antics. Thank you for having us, Samsung KidsTime. We certainly had fun!

The action that happened behind the scenes.

The beautiful crew that made it all happen.

For further information on Samsung KidsTime, visit their official website HERE (click the link)!

The Samsung KidsTime app can be downloaded HERE (click this link too!) via the Google Play Store. (Ooppss I forgot to tell you that if you download the app now, you get a one month trial access to the best educational apps for kids – all for free!) Try it out and share with me your kids’ favourite apps. Aiden’s favourite for now is the Big Kid Firefighter app, erm even I am addicted to it myself.

Samsung KidsTime via Google Play.

Samsung KidsTime is available on most Samsung devices.

In line with Samsung’s efforts to advocate knowledge and enrichment skills in kids, Samsung KidsTime is sponsoring the Children’s Literature Fest (Festival Sastera Kanak-Kanak), happening from 30th October till 2nd November 2014 between 10am-6pm daily at the KL Tower/Menara Kuala Lumpur. Do check out the Samsung KidsTime Booths 10 & 11 at the Gallery Hall. The fest will also feature internationally acclaimed writers, professional workshops, book exhibitions and book sales. For more information, visit the FSK Children’s Literature Fest Facebook page.

Since Hubby and I are cultivating the reading habit in Aiden and Ian, I am definitely going with my family. So keep a look out for me and don’t forget to say Hello! *smile*


  1. Hi Liz, Aiden looks really cute, did he behave during the shoot? Thanks for the review, Samsung Kidstime sounds like a very interesting concept.

    1. Alhamdulillah he behaved, although he was getting a bit hungry at the end and refused to share how he felt about Samsung KidsTime. He just wanted to continue playing with Samsung KidsTime! Yes, it is a very interesting concept. Download and share with me what you think about it ok? :)


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