Friday, October 3, 2014

The Inherited Mini Cooper

Remember Aiden's yellow convertible Mini Cooper S?

If you don't, I wrote about it for the very first time here. It was Aiden's early present for his second birthday. Since Aiden is now five, he can no longer fit into the car. Wait, I stand corrected. He can sit in the car but his knees go above the steering wheel - so I told Aiden that it was time to pass the car down to Ian.

That afternoon, I nervously placed Ian into the car and strapped him in tightly with the seatbelt. It was going to be his first time in the moving car, and I was quite edgy about his reaction. Especially since he was just learning to balance himself in moving objects, such as shopping carts.

The first time the car jerked forward, both his hands flew up in surprise. But I was so glad that he didn't cry! After a few practice forward drives, he finally figured out that he had to hold the steering wheel to keep himself steady. And after that, everything was a breeze! I used the remote control to drive the car all around the neighbourhood, and I could see that he was having the time of his life. Meanwhile, Aiden escorted us with his 4-wheeler bicycle. It was a very fun walk!

Both hands on the steering wheel! 

One hand keeping himself steady (on the steering wheel or on the door of the car), and the other was busy exploring the features of the car.

Aiden probably lost interest in the car when he was about 4 years old. Hence for the past two years, it was just parked in our kitchen (parking cars in kitchens??!!) unused. Which explains why I completely forgot that the car had night lights!

Night lights!

So apart from having a fully functioning radio (fancy listening to Hitz.FM, Ian?), a loud honk, and a jack for you to connect your iPod so that you could play your own music using the car's speaker system - the car even has night lights! And, everything functions as well as when we bought it nearly 4 years ago!

And, unlike real cars, this car appreciates with time! Just like a Chanel handbag *grin*. We bought the Mini Cooper back in 2011 for RM599. Guess how much it is nowadays? RM740, no kidding!

It comes in red too!

Ian, if you're reading this in the future and you feel like complaining about always having to receive hand-me-downs from your Abang Aiden, don't feel bad because we're in the same boat. Mummy is now using Daddy's hand-me-down Mini Cooper, so at least we're driving the same car!

Ian's signature scrunched face, when he realized that Mummy drives the same car!

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  1. Oh this is so cute. Mother and son using the same car. Last picture - so cheeky!


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