Monday, January 5, 2015

I've Been dUCked!

I finally succumbed to the dUCk craze! After mulling over it for several days (my heart said yes, but my head said no!)... I listened to my heart and willingly paid RM120 for my own piece of dUCk.

Oh, before you start wondering - I haven't taken the plunge that way yet. But I strongly believe in being prepared, so that when the calling comes, I should be ready with all I need.

I clicked the pay button at 10am on a Thursday, and at 9am Friday - it arrived into my arms! Talk about superb and fast delivery! *grin* Gleefully tore the package open and I instantly fell in love with the presentation. The box, the ribbons... then I opened the box and found a personalized thank you and style card tucked under the paper wrapper. Impressive, Vivy! Such a subtle but classy touch. 

The famous purple dUCk box.

Thank you and style card. Notice how even the paper wrapper is dUCk personalized?

Next - the actual piece of dUCk. I fell head over heels in love with it! The quality of the material, the drape of the scarf, the vibrant colour, the beautiful hem and the lovely finishing... I say totally worth the RM120.

The iconic signature silver dUCk logo at the edge of the scarf.

I have been totally dUCked! Can't wait for my next purchase!


  1. cantiknyer....suweet la sis lilit 'duck' tu

  2. Pandai nya you pakai the dUck!! seriously i fail and trying to lilit2 etc...have to keep practicing as well until my "calling" too


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