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Ian at Twelve and Thirteen Months Old!

My one year old pride and joy.

Ian at 12 Months

At 12 months, he is a healthy 10kg. He has a big appetite too and he can eat a full serving of roti bakar kaya on his own. And since his pediatrician gave him the green light to eat anything and everything, he has been sharing his Abang Aiden's meal, such as nasi with sup ayam, telur dadar and even ayam goreng! Ian now also knows how to use a straw. Still spills and such but at least he can now share milo ice with his big brother.

Well 9.83, close enough to 10kg!

During his 12 month check up.

Ian knows how to wave bye, but he actually flaps his whole arm instead of just his hand. We discovered this when we were at the Elmo show, Aiden and I were shrieking "Byeeeee" and waving our hands off when suddenly Ian said "Eyyyyyyeeeee" and waved his arm too!

He is also more sociable. Whenever I am out and I call the maid on the phone, he will also loudly call out to me, as if to make sure I hear his voice. He also greets people he is familiar with by calling out "Ehhhh, ehhhhh" to get their attention.

Enjoys watching videos on YouTube but loves to press the iPhone home button to turn the video off too! Since he loves pressing the home button so much, he has had quite a few funny encounters with Siri!

He really enjoys food, such as bread, french fries, biscuits.

Even papadom!

Doesn't have the courage to walk into any room that has a different floor elevation, such as into the bathroom or out the front door. Which was perfectly fine for us (although we still needed to monitor his movements as he was fond of scooping and munching on any shoes he could grab from the edge of the front door). However, by the end of the month he finally figured out that he could just walk into the bathroom unassisted! We're just hoping he doesn't figure out the same thing with the front door any time soon!!

Definitely a water baby. Unlike Aiden who was scared of the beach and the sea, Ian took to the sandy beach and salty sea water like a pro! He doesn't mind his legs being buried in sand, and even attempts to duck his face into the sea! He doesn't have a problem walking on grass too - which Aiden really hated when he was a baby... super penggeli!

Look at all the sand in his hair!

He knows how to help us dress him up. When we put on his clothes, he would push him arms through the sleeves. He would even offer his feet to you if you are putting on socks or shoes for him.

Knows how to get on the dump truck on his own. However, he hasn't figured out how to move it backward and forward. Initially, he didn't know how to get off the dump truck, but by the end of the month he managed to do that independently as well.

Playing his dump truck with Aiden.

Loves munching on Mummy's shoes so we have had to resort to taping the lower racks of our shoe rack shut with masking tape. However, soon he figured out how to remove the tape so I had to find an even stronger tape which was harder to pull off.

When I holds both his hands on the staircase, he would take the steps one step one foot like an adult. He also knows how to ask for dukung. He would raise his two hands up and cry out until you pick him up.

Can you see his teeth?

The maid usually brings him and Aiden out in the afternoon to play with the other kids. Whenever Ian sees that Aiden is not using his scooter, he would walk over to the scooter to attempt to ride it! He really loves playing outdoor. He would cry and even wiggle himself out of a dukung to protest whenever we bring him inside. If we force him inside, he would even throw himself flat on the floor in protest. Usually I ignore these antics, but the maid would almost always pujuk him. It is quite easy to pujuk him - just give him any food (usually baby biscuits) and his love for food would rule out his tantrum. Seriously Ian, you should be grateful for these opportunities to play outside; when Aiden was your age we were still living in Ampang and Aiden didn't have the luxury of playing outside nor have friends his age that could play with him.

Looking mighty proud on Abang Aiden's scooter.

He doesn't like people holding his hand when he is walking. Prefers to walk independently. Worse case, he would allow one hand to be held and guided, but he would never allow you to guide both his hands. Very steadfast in his decisions, he would even push you away and walk on his own if you decide to guide him on a different path that he wanted.

Walking independently.

Ian at 13 Months

Whenever I talk on the phone, Ian will put his hand behind his head and start "talking" too - "Ehh... Ehhhh" as if imitating me! The other day, we were lying in bed when suddenly a Whatsapp msg came in. Upon hearing the chime, he sat up, placed his hand behind his head and looked at me, as if trying to tell me to pick up my phone. Loves talking on the phone too, he would actually fight for his time on the phone whenever anyone calls home. And when we put the phone to his ear, he would blabber "baby talk" and grin whenever the person on the other end responds!

Recognizes my car horn beep and the house bell. If he hears this, he will leap to his feet, walk to the door while saying "Ehh... Ehhhh" as if to tell the maid that there is someone at the door.

Three bottom teeth!

A week after turning 13months, he figured out how to clap! So we kept singing Aiden's Gymboree song "There are bubbles in the air, in the air", and he would imitate the "air" bit by saying "eyyyyrrrrrr"! He was so excited about this new found clapping that he was even clapping in bed at night. It was quite a challenge putting him to bed that night because he kept wanting us to clap and sing with him, and we were too overjoyed to say no.

Loves watching videos of himself. We showed him videos of him flapping his arms bye and clapping, and it never fails to make him grin from ear to ear, and sometimes even squealing in delight!

Smiling with a tattoo on his cheek.

He now knows how to press the Astro button on the decoder to change channel. Loves channel surfing aimlessly, much to the irritation of his big brother.

He finally figured out how to crack open the dry kitchen cabinet handle-less doors. So the cabinets have to be taped shut too, just like the shoe racks! The maid has also started tying the fridge doors with a string. Aaahhh the joys of baby proofing.

Ian trying to squeeze through the kitchen gate.

After figuring out that it wouldn't work, he climbed the gate instead!

Food wise - he hates the texture of rice, even the mashed up ones. So we have to resort to Cerelac honey baby rice cereal with carrots and sup ayam. Such a weird combination! He also hates holding food. He would happily open his mouth when you "suap" him food such as fruits (he tried ciku once!), cekodok pisang or macarons, but the minute you ask him to hold it himself, he would refuse and pull his hand away.

Knows how to shake his head! But not particularly to say no. Sometimes he shakes his head "malu malu", sometimes he shakes his head as a reaction when we tease him. Super cute!

He knows how to protest whenever Aiden stops him from doing something. If they are playing together and Aiden has painstakingly built a Lego model of something and Ian comes along to destroy it, Aiden would (obviously) stop him. Ian would then protest and push his brother away. He doesn't take no for an answer too - he is very adamant that he would get his way.

One minute they would be happily playing together, the other minute Ian would protest when Aiden stops him from playing with (or rather destroying) the toy.

He finally figured out how to walk into the bathroom and even out the front door. So whenever we open the door, we always have to keep an eye on him because almost always he's already leaping out!

Quick and quiet on his feet. Once the maid left him asleep in the living hall and was busy putting clothes away in the her room beside the kitchen. Suddenly she felt a tap at her legs. She turned and discovered that it was Ian, who had managed to walk over the open kitchen gate and went to look for her in her room!
Are you sleeping or posing, Ian?

And that brings us to the close of Ian's twelfth and thirteenth month. Welcome to fourteen months, baby!

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