Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cerita Raya - Part 2!

Oh my, it's nearly the end of Syawal and here I am writing about my 3rd day of Eid! *chuckles*

So after ending the 2nd day of Eid on a high from that ohsoyummy se-besen durian, I was in for a surprise when I found out that we were going to spend our 3rd day of Eid at a dusun durian!

Honestly, it wasn't just Aiden and Ian's first time at a dusun durian. It was mine too! The dusun durian was located just by Gua Charas, about 15 minutes away from the Kuantan exit. Locating the dusun durian was more complicated though. The expanse of each plot of land was hugeeeeee. I shudder to think how each land occupant would ask for help from their neighbours in emergencies. Thank god for smartphones and apps such as "Save Me 999" which you can trigger to ask for help.

The owner of the dusun durian is somehow related to my MIL hence the family graciously invited us to have lunch at their home. They served us rice, fried fish and telur dadar, but despite it being so simple, it was soooo good!! After lunch, we decided to explore the dusun and do some durian picking!

Durians - just waiting to hit someone smack on the head.

I chose to wear a breezy batik crepe in red from Matase Sutera. Saw Scha Al-Yahya wearing this once and immediately fell in love with it! So many people commented about how nicely dressed I was for a dusun durian, but of course lah dress up... dah namanya raya kan!

The boys were clad in red too!

Ian was contented at just running around the dusun. Aiden on the other hand, managed to coax his grandfather to accompany him roaming deeper into the dusun for more durian. They even managed to visit the cows by the dusun, one which was cheekily named Sharizat *giggles*

Posing with my sister-in-laws. Check out Ian exploring the dusun on his own!

Aiden proudly showing off the durians he collected.

Ian looking absolutely impressed with the king of fruits!

Other than that, we posed for pictures, ran after Ian, cabut kemuncut on our clothes and helped Aiden to carry his stash of durians. Aiden managed to collect quite a substantial stash too, hence we had durians for dessert.

There was a swing at the dusun too!

Last picture before we left the dusun.

The magnificent Gua Charas. Did you know that it is actually a temple cave and a tourist attraction for Kuantan? 

After the dusun durian, we visited a couple of other houses and only managed to drive to our hotel close to midnight. Since it was Eid, we decided to stay close to the city and chose Zenith Hotel instead of our usual Hyatt. And for the first time, Aiden got charged for buffet breakfast! Aiden usually gets away with eating for free - he barely eats much for breakfast anyway. But Zenith was unfortunately quite strict about the age. Only kids below 6 eat for free!

Love the chairs at the lift lobby. 

The kids were overjoyed at the presence of a bath tub in the room. Ian also surprised us by helpfully putting his soiled clothes in the laundry basket by the sink, without us even showing or telling! 

It was such a short stay. Next morning after breakfast, we were already packing up to leave!

My six year old boy!

Ian wearing a hand me down from Aiden. Must dig for that old picture of Aiden wearing the same shirt!!!

Final picture in Kuantan. Us in the car, on the way to visit more relatives. And Aiden cheekily mounted a relative's super bike and gave us such a handsome pose!

So that was how we spent our third and fourth day of Eid. Next up, photos from all the open houses we attended during Eid. I probably gained some significant kilos just from that! *cries*


  1. Love that batik!! So nuce. And I love how color coordinated u guys are in the dusun!

    1. Thanks babe... wait till I get a girl, insyaAllah I'll get one of your Kupu-Kupu collection and coordinate it with the boys ;)


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