Friday, August 14, 2015

Hello Tooth Fairy!

Last week (4th Aug to be exact), I came home to a huge surprise. I walked into the living hall to find Aiden sitting on the couch, covering his mouth with his hand. I could tell that he was grinning widely as I could see the smile behind his palm. But I was soooo not prepared for his surprise. He removed his palm and flashed another wide smile. I nearly fell off the couch. Yup, my son lost his first tooth!!!

Frankly, I was extremely unprepared for this. He mentioned I think erm once about how his tooth was shaky. But I brushed it off, since my memories of losing my first tooth was when I was in primary school. "He's too young to have permanent teeth!", my mind rationalized.

Honestly, I never understood how the tooth fell out. What I gathered from Aiden and my maid was that he felt that the tooth was very shaky and ended up extracting it out himself! *shocked face*

The first thing I did was to take a picture of the gaping space in his mouth and sent it to his Daddy. Next, Aiden asked whether the tooth fairy "was going to come and take my tooth and give me a nickel". I burst out laughing, but decided to play along and said yes, and that the tooth fairy was going to give him one ringgit. He answered "But I thought fairies aren't real? And they give a nickel mummy... not one ringgit!" Hahaha fineeeee smart boy... Aiden 2 Mummy 0.

Aiden lost his first tooth!

Later, when Hubby returned home, Hubby made a big show about how proud he was that Aiden didn't need the dentist to remove his first tooth (and how Aiden was destined to become a dentist... *cue my confused face here*). Aiden was beaming from ear to ear the whole night! Hubby also washed the tooth (I kan penggeli) and placed it in a small container.

Afterwards, Aiden proclaimed that he wanted to bring it to school!!! Erkkkk... Don't think I want my son showing off his tooth to the whole wide world, hence I decided to fall back on the tooth fairy story again. Somehow, I managed to convince Aiden to put his tooth under his pillow and go to bed. But he had so many questions he wanted answered! He kept asking his Daddy whether Daddy had ever seen the tooth fairy before. But when Hubby answered no, Aiden replied "Of course you haven't seen it... because the fairy comes in the night!" Hahaha I was simply gobsmacked! Finally, he dozed off so we quickly took the tooth away and sneaked one ringgit under the pillow.

Anddddd... that wasn't the only good news we received that day. Got a note from the school to say that Aiden has moved on to the green readers. He has finished the yellow books and can now read the advanced books. So proud of my boy! Well done sayang!


  1. Wahhhh good job Aiden! Means dia cabut sendiri gigi dia or the gigi fell off sendiri? I'm with you when it comes to "he's too young to start having a permanent tooth" but now looks like i need to change my mindset! hehehe. My 2Ks are due for their dentist visit so will ask the doctor to check whether gigi dia dah start goyang ke tak (i pun penggeli and penakut 😅).

    1. From what I gathered, dia gerak gerak gigi tuh and suddenly tercabut. Ngeri jugak I dengar. Hahaha yes tak sangka kan baru kindy dah boleh loose teeth!

  2. Congratulations on both accounts, Aiden!


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