Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cerita Raya!

Phewww... finally after days of wading through hundreds of work emails, unpacking our balik kampung luggages, attending my step grandmother's funeral *Al-Fatihah* and stressing about the Friso Gold media launch, now everything is done and dusted! I do have a birthday cake to bake, a dessert table to prepare and 5 open houses to attend this weekend, but let's pretend that this weekend is eons away so I can write peacefully about our Eid celebrations this year. *sigh*

Anyway, since this year is Hubby's turn, we spent the final night of Ramadhan and pagi Syawal at his dad's kampung in Teluk Intan. However, the beauty of marrying someone who's kampung is so close to yours, is that somehow you can manage to visit both kampungs on the first day of Hari Raya. And we did exactly that! After Asar we immediately left Teluk Intan and drove to Ipoh to visit my Dad. Hence every year, no one fights about which kampung we want to go back to. Win-win situation kan?

So in Teluk Intan this year, my FIL was relieved of his duty of making his infamous rendang ayam. Instead, my MIL decided to show off her cooking skills and made a particular rendang made from various organs. *uurrrggghhh* I am really no big fan of hati, limpa and the likes. I can only tolerate paru (cow lungs), and even then only when it is deep fried. Hence I stayed away from the kitchen while they were busy cutting the organs up, *eeewww* and only came back when it was time to cut the greens.

But the boys sure had fun in their kampung. They played all day long, not even pausing to eat. The night before Eid, I called it quits at about ten-ish and forced Aiden to go to bed with me. Ian on the other hand refused to listen to instructions so I left him to it. The next morning, I was told that Ian was still roaming the kitchen at one in the morning and even gave the ladies a hand with the rendang!

Ian busy roaming the house, while all of us slept camping style in the living hall.

Aiden with his uncles! Yes - uncles!!

Morning of Eid, we discovered that we had run the taps dry. I guess the pipes must be really darn old and just couldn't cope with the high occupancy usage that day. Good thing my in-laws were staying in a nearby hotel, so while Hubby went for Eid prayers, I drove the kids and my sister in laws to the hotel to shower. Unfortunately, I had to make two trips back to the house as I forgot my towel-lah, my baju raya-lah... and nearly got lost in Teluk Intan town trying to retrace my drive back... macam macam! Ian on the other hand was super cranky, which is really unlike him. He's usually a very cheerful baby. Tuh la, orang suruh tido awak sibuk nak merayau dalam rumah!

Hubby's grandmother (also Aiden's great grandmother) sportingly donned a pair of sunglasses for the salam raya ritual.

Spot me if you can!

It was no easy feat trying to get the three boys to look at the camera and smile simultaneously!

Well at least Aiden can do selfies now.

Yeay for Teluk Intan!

Last but certainly not least, how can one wearing royal blue resist taking pictures to match the Barisan Nasional emblem, proudly displayed at the porch? No prizes for guessing which political party Hubby's grandmother supports! *grin*

After Asar prayers, we made our way to Ipoh. Called my dad to find out where he was. Found out that he was at my third stepmother's house, famous for their udang galah rendang pedas. Sure enough, not only were we served udang galah, my stepmother packed some for me to bring home too! My father on the other hand, had already changed out of his baju melayu and was already in his official outfit - the bush jacket! After a very hearty meal, we took an impromptu family photo with my dad, then headed to my fourth stepmother's house, where we were spending the night.

Finally, everyone looked at the camera!

Unplanned fifty shades of blue. Oh, and my siblings are simply the best! They actually changed into their raya clothes just to take photos with us before we all called it a night.

The next day, one of Hubby's friend called to inform us that he was coming with his family to beraya. Kelam kabut mandi!!! Thank goodness my stepmother is one fine cook, she managed to prepare soto for our guests in under one hour! Then afterwards, someone sent over se-besen durian, and I had a field time eating durian. Frankly, I do not quite like those expensive D-26 or Musang King. I think they have too much flesh and a tad too creamy. Durian kampung on the other hand, is small but oh so satisfying.

Twins! Ian playing with the humongous mirror in the dining hall.

Ian peering curiously at the durian.

I told you it was se-besen durian! Super yummy!

So that was how we spent our first few days of Syawal. Stay tuned for my next post, where we continued our Syawal journey to Kuantan! To a dusun durian too!


  1. Oh my, now I am yearning for durian too! Hehe.

    1. Hehe are you a hantu durian too (like me)? 4Ms makan durian tak?

  2. Selamat Hari Raya.

    Kunjungilah villa 827 yang cantik and selesa :)


  3. Sounds like a good raya. My husband's side and my family's side are all in KL so thank god we don't have to fight over which kampung to go first this year..etc etc.
    Love the electric blue n the BN photo. LOL

    1. Hehe yes before I got married I did the whole Raya in KL thing. Best kan no jam in KL. And the BN photo... I couldn't resist :P

  4. oh btw, u look nice in the shawl… !

  5. Selamat Hari Raya Liz! Looks like you guys had loads of fun Raya in kampung

    1. Selamat Hari Raya Leila... trust me the boys had more fun at kampung, hehe. Hope you had a good raya!


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