Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Impromptu Teluk Cempedak

We were in Kuantan last weekend to attend a family wedding. Other than the departure, everything else was so impromptu! From what we wanted to wear, to which hotel we wanted to stay in. Nothing was booked nor discussed before hand. *shakes head in dismay*

Packing was only finalized that morning - it was my maid's weekend off so I found myself ironing clothes two hours prior to departure. We didn't have sufficient fuel so we had to make a pit stop at the petrol station. Thank goodness for drive thru breakfast, but with the long queue, it took us over half an hour to get out to the highway. Terrible traffic (and cranky kids!) the whole way. Upon arrival at the kenduri, we found out that there was a theme colour for the night reception hence a short trip to East Coast Mall for new clothes. Next we had to figure out where to sleep. I called many hotels only to find out that most of them were fully booked. Thank goodness we landed ourselves a room at Zenith hotel. We slept like babies that night!

Ian with his muka baru bangun tido.

After all the drama, we decided to take it easy the next day and headed to the beach. Again, an impromptu decision. We plucked the kids out of bed, fed them a big breakfast at the hotel buffet and went to Teluk Cempedak with only a towel in hand. Bought a beach set (pail, digger etc) at a shop by the beach, and then we let the kids loose. They certainly had the time of their lives!

Beautiful blue skies.

We took selfies while the kids frolicked in the sun.

Ian was slightly terrified with the huge waves, so he warmed up by playing quietly on the sand. Soon enough he conquered his fear and after a while he went running towards the crashing waves! Meanwhile, Aiden was contented with scouting the beach, choosing sea shells for his collection.

It was so hard to get everyone to smile and look at the camera!

From being fully dressed in pyjamas, they ended up with just their pants hiked up to their knees.

Huge waves!

We definitely had a good time at the beach. However, to get them out and cleaned with only one towel was a huge challenge. Finally, I ended up just rinsing their feet, bundled Aiden up in the towel while I kept Ian on my lap the whole way back to the hotel. The doorman at the hotel cracked up when he saw us walking into the lobby. The kids must have looked quite hilarious - wet pants, shirtless and all!  *giggles*

An hour at the beach was definitely too short. Tak puas! Itching to head for a proper beach holiday that is not too far from home. Perhaps Avillion PD again? Do you have any suggestions? Do share!

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