Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nasi Lemak Turbo, Denai Alam

Our ministers frequently preach some pretty incredulous things. For instance, that whole drama about "working two jobs" to cover the escalating costs of living, that happened sometime late last year. (And what a backlash it sparked!) But I guess, we must take it all in good stride. If you can juggle two jobs, why not? (Mine is blogging. Haha kidding kidding... trust me, I'm making peanuts so far!)

Which is why, I am especially proud of this friend of mine, who has the guts to juggle a day job and run a food truck at night. Selling nasi lemak! Nasi Lemak Turbo, to be exact. Can you imagine how tiring it is to cook the sambal, marinate the chicken and prepare the condiments - especially after a long day at work?

Nasi Lemak Turbo, in Denai Alam.

And... you must give her credit for the cheeky (but oh so effective) advertising. The banner boasts about their fluffy rice - using only the best basmathi, a whole boiled egg - gerenti basuh, grade A anchovies dibuang kepala - gerenti tak jadi pelupa and sambal made from premium quality udang kering. Not only that - top notch spices, fresh chicken (delivered daily) and the finest oil for frying, including zero Abang Aji!

The menu.

The various condiments. The sambal is the bomb!

Can you believe that this used to be an ambulance? Her very nimble-fingered husband worked single-handedly to transform this into a food truck, including the wiring to install air-conditioning, lights and electrical points for the deep fryer.

What about the nasi lemak? You may think that I am biased, but trust me I am not. Last week, we had the nasi lemak three days in a row. And each day, as I arrive at the food truck just after work, there is always a long queue. They've had to resort to only doing take-aways, because they couldn't cope with the sheer amount of people turning up looking for seats for dine-in.

The sambal is just the way I like it - not spicy. Since it is not spicy, I use a lot of sambal with each mouthful, so I recommend buying extra sambal to go. The rice is extremely fluffy and flavourful, so if you're not on a diet, get some nasi tambah too! The chicken is marinated to perfection, and since it is deep fried at location, it is really crispy. The whole egg is too much for me, so I usually give it to Aiden who is crazy over eggs.

This is Set A - Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah.

Our first visit at opening night.

The kids actually went into the food truck! Check out Ian, attempting a peace sign. *giggles*

Soooooo... if you're ever in the Denai Alam area, this is definitely a must try. They are located just beside Bank Islam. If you do go, tell the owner that you are a reader of Lizzieasamummy. You never know, you might get some extra sambal with your order! *chuckles*

Nasi Lemak Turbo
Denai Alam, beside Bank Islam
Open 6pm-830pm, weekdays only
Closed on weekends


  1. Got to your blog through nuffnang's blogger of the month link. Hi there!

    Oh wow. Ive noticed this nasi lemak turbo in denai alam but have yet to try. Going back to mom's in denai alam this weekend, i shall give it a try. 😋

    1. Hello! Always happy to welcome new readers ;)

      Yes, you should definitely try Nasi Lemak Turbo. Unfortunately it is closed during weekends, so give it a try during the weekdays. Good luck with the calories hehe

  2. hai miss liz yahaya, can you give me your contact number. Tq

    1. Hi Mariana, for advertorials, product reviews and event engagements, please email For everything else, email me directly at ;)


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