Monday, March 28, 2016

Nuffnang's Featured Blogger of The Month of March!

When I received the email from my blog manager, confirming that I was going to be bestowed as Nuffnang's Featured Blogger of the month of March, I was thrilled beyond words. Similar to when I was approached by Nuffnang to be featured for their monthly #NNFeatureFriday, I received the email while in the office. My colleagues probably thought I was slightly batty in the head, as I actually did a quick jiggle at my desk! *chuckles*

As part of the feature, I was asked to answer some questions. Some were easy to draft, such as why I started blogging, and whether I had a turning point in my blogging career. However, there was one question that I pondered for quite sometime - the story behind my blog name. Truthfully, when I wanted to start blogging, I never gave much thought to it. The name simply sprung in my mind, and I loved it because it rhymed!

Anyway, head over to the Nuffnang official page for the entire write up. Here's the link:

They also posted the same in their official Instagram and Facebook, below are the snapshots. Best part is, they also included the link as part of their current bio. Go check it out!

As always, thanks Nuffnang, for the opportunity!


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