Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Date Night

Hubby and I arranged a date night last Thursday. (Khamis malam Jumaat, anyone?) *giggles*

Since Hubby has been recording late work nights these past few weeks, we decided to catch a midnight show. Usually Hubby doesn't entertain my request for chick flicks, but surprisingly this time he conceded when I requested to watch AADC2. (I guess Dian probably had something to do with it?)

Andddddd we both really enjoyed the movie! Hubby will never publicly admit this though. (To quote, when asked how he found the show, the only thing he said was "At least I didn't fall asleep in the movie!") But the fact that he agreed to review and dissect the storyline, on our way home after the movie; is concrete proof that he enjoyed it as much as I did!

Anyway, here are our comments to the movie. (Spoilers ahead!)
  1. We loved the storyline. No cliche endings, so that was a huge bonus.
  2. There were no flashbacks to the first movie, although the scene where Cinta rubbed her lipstick off did pay homage to the original.
  3. We both thought that the reason why Rangga left Cinta was a bit weak. It could have been more catastrophic (like his dad died or something), but Hubby pointed out that Cinta pointed out the same to Rangga. Hence maybe the weak reason was intentional?
  4. Is Milly really pregnant or was that made up because she gained weight? Nevertheless she provided great comic relief throughout the entire movie! Well done to her!
  5. Beautiful cinematography. Loved how the movie showed a different side of Yogyakarta. 
  6. Hubby thought that the tiff Cinta and Rangga had in the middle of their road trip (when he assumed her fiancé came from a wealthy family) was a nice twist. Without it, the journey would have been too perfect (and too easy). 
  7. I loved the fact that Cinta didn't immediately change her mind for Rangga right after her return to Jakarta. The fact that the movie gave her some time between then and her arrival to New York, implied that she gave it a good long thought. 
  8. Last but not least, Hubby actually suggested an improvement to the movie! He thinks Rangga should have named his cafe after Cinta, to show how significant she was in his life. Also, he should have scribbled the 'gift' poetry for Cinta on his cafe napkin so that Cinta will discover this. (And the plot thickens... *chuckles*)

I am convinced that Hubby will be a movie producer in his next life! *kidding*

Anyway, if you haven't watched AADC2, you really should do so. If you have, what do you think of Rangga? Is it just me, or is his hair thinning?


  1. yes!!..on Rangga hair..hahaha and my friend asked the same question on Milly. I enjoyed the movie too, infact I watched it twice and I think I can watch it a few times more. To tell you the truth, I cant take my eyes off from Rangga whenever he is on screen. He doesn't even have to say anything and you can still feels his presence. I am going to check his other movies just to see if Nicholas Saputra has the same effect or else the movie really brings out the best of him. Such a simple, sweet and uplifting story line, perfect ending.

    1. Yeayyy at least someone agrees with me on Rangga's hair. I thought he was more handsome in the first movie. Although in the sequel it showed a different side of his character, the effort that he put to regain Cinta's cinta. And yes I have to agree with you on the presence effect. Both of them really did a good job, not just with delivering the lines but also the body language. In a nutshell, I was extremely impressed with the movie. ;)


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