Monday, May 30, 2016


Hubby and three of his (male!) friends recently embarked on a new journey. InsyaAllah, this new business partnership will be ready to be revealed by Ramadhan. As his wife, I am merely the cheerleader, supporting him from behind. Hence last week, I was right by his side while they were doing the product photoshoot. (And also to keep an eye on my handbags which were used for the day! *chuckles*) 

But seriously, I am supremely impressed by the amount of effort and dedication that these men have poured into making Sofhiaa a reality. Through their numerous brainstorm sessions, they managed the fabric and embellishment source, packaging design, printing, labeling, pricing, advertising and juggled many many other factors that are able to make or break a business. The only time I lifted a finger to help was when I came up with the name of the business and composed the words for their Thank You card.

Here are a couple of pictures that I managed to take during the photo shoot. (Okay fine, pictures of my handbags in action, instead!)

I am never one to make flatlays. Can you believe that this shot was styled by dear Hubby?

Hubby reviewing the shot.

Love how the gold and pink complemented each other.

Demure in turquoise and white.

Electric blue is always a favourite.

And my personal favourite, the tiffany blue.

The dream team; turning dreams into reality!

If you are itching to find out what Hubby and friends have in store, add them on Instagram: @sofhiaacouture. Happy styling!


  1. waaw Liz,header baru..
    anyway good luck for r new business,InsyaAllah

    1. Hehe punyalah busy, header pun tak sempat nak update. Thanks for the good luck wish, will pass the wish along to Hubby ;)


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