Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Suntanning at the Beach

I know, I know... I promised an entire post about Aiden and Ian's Star Wars party. But when you're given a choice between enjoying the beautiful sandy beach with blue skies (as per picture above), and turning on your laptop to shortlist the hundreds of pictures from the party... The former wins hands down!

I had a short work assignment in Kota Kinabalu, hence I took the opportunity to organize an island getaway with the family. I arrived on Wednesday with the kids and we spent the next day just literally doing nothing other than swimming, sunbathing and eating. Hubby arrived on Thursday night and that marked the start of our family island adventure.

On Friday morning we took the boat to YTL Pulau Gaya Resort and since our arrival until now, I've been basking in the warm sun, tanning at the beach, snorkeling in the sea, enjoying the fabulous food to my heart's content and just simply enjoying quality time with Hubby and the kids.

I will definitely write a review about this place as I am supremely impressed with the service. They have definitely wowed me! Two thumbs up for YTL Pulau Gaya Resort.

Until then, I hope you're getting your fair share of the sun too!

An extremely rare smile from Ian.
Take care,


  1. ya Liz i tertunggu2 entry Star War's party u..

  2. Been there few years back and loved it! View is stunning especially from the kids club! I'm a fan of all YTL resorts.

    1. Unfortunately Pulau Gaya doesn't have a Kids Club anymore... So sad. I guess they assumed the kids can keep themselves occupied with the beach...


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