Friday, January 9, 2015

Elmo Makes Music

A good friend of mine recently offered free tickets to Elmo Makes Music, to the entire BBGS gang! I immediately said yes - because Ian is a huge fan of Elmo. (I think Aiden secretly likes Elmo too - but he's too macho to admit so!)

Genting has greatly changed since the last time we were here; back when I was in my early second trimester with Ian. The outdoor theme park is no longer there, making way for the greatly anticipated 20th Century Fox World. Even the indoor theme park has limited rides (no more bumper cars!!! *so sad*), but since we had 3 hours to kill before the Elmo show, we decided to buy the unlimited indoor rides ticket for Aiden and only Aiden. Yup, Aiden is big enough to go on all the rides on his own - he doesn't need us to ride with him. *sigh* He is growing up way too fast for my liking....

Oh so random - the last time we were in Genting, Aiden refused to go to the public toilets until we had to put him into a diaper for him to relieve himself! Also, note to self - next time don't forget your Genting Rewards card!!! *sucker for discounts*

The two boys in matching tops. Aiden went shopping with us recently and insisted on getting a cap for himself so that he could "look like Daddy"!

Ecstatic Aiden and serious Ian. 

Aiden got so excited when he saw the wishing well, and he wanted to roll a coin into it. Like honestly; where does he learn these things??!! So I gave him ten cents, but before he threw it in, he asked me what he should wish for. I answered - "You can wish for a lot of things; to be clever, to be healthy, to be handsome..." Guess what he chose? "I want to wish to be handsome, Mummy!" *smacks forehead* And it didn't just end there - he kept asking us throughout the trip whether he looked handsome and whether his wish had been granted! *chuckle*

The only ride which Ian and I accompanied Aiden in. And a street performer puppeteer performing for tips.

Cool promo for the Night at the Museum cinema screening.

Ian sharing a manja moment with Daddy while we waited patiently for Aiden to go on all his indoor theme park rides.

The Elmo Makes Music show is part of the Sesame Street Live tour, and takes place at the Genting International Showroom. The last time I was here, my contractors treated me to VIP tickets to the Peter Marvey magic show; so I was quite familiar with the place. There was a booth selling Sesame Street goodies just across the box office counter, and they were offering 50% and 30% off all merchandise for VIP and PS1 tickets respectively. Aiden, of course, took the opportunity to try to pau gullible Daddy, but I cleverly managed to convince him that the toys and all were for younger kids who loves Elmo. Cheekily, he immediately claimed that he loves Elmo too! *tsk tsk tsk*

Aiden's new favourite pose nowadays.

Ian was not pleased with Bert and Ernie!

Since our tickets were complimentary, we were given PS1 tickets. But thankfully, it was one of the best seats in the house. We were near the front of the PS1 rows, close to the back of the VIP rows; but our seats were the first in the start of an elevated view. So we didn't have people's heads obstructing our view of the stage.

Waiting for the start of the show.

Elmo and his friends brainstorming how to make music.

My favourite character... nope not Elmo, but silly Mr Noodle!

The show was split into two parts, so during the intermission in between, the audience was offered the opportunity to take pictures with the Sesame Street character for a price of RM30. Since we didn't buy any toys nor merchandise for Aiden, Hubby agreed for a photo. By then, a huge crowd had gathered near the stage but we were lucky to be the second last family accepted for the slot.

On the Sesame Street stage, while waiting for our turn. Since we were the second last family to be included in the slot, Dayang requested for Danya to join us in our shoot. Aiden said yes, of course!

Come our turn, Aiden got super excited when Ernie asked him to sit on his lap. Meanwhile, Ian started crying in Hubby's arms so mid-way through the shoot we had to move him into my arms. Ian is usually unfazed with his surroundings, so it must have been quite a shock for him to see those multi-coloured monsters around him!

The best pose we got that afternoon. I have a daughter too!!!

Aiden giving Bert a huge hug before we returned to our seats.

Plot of the show? Well it started along the lines of Elmo and his friends wanting to make up a band. Everyone on Sesame Street wanted to contribute their own sounds, such as by banging on the dustbin (Oscar's idea, duhhhh), shaking their cookie jars (Cookie Monster, of course!), scrubbing the floor with a brush, playing the violin and many more. It started off strong, but after a while I sort of lost the plot. I got engrossed with taking pictures (hey, they allow pictures this time, but not video recording!) for this blog, instead.

"Shake that booty, Elmo!"

Oscar the grouch!

The only reason why you can see this person's head is because he was standing in the middle of the show! 

Overall, it was a good show..... for the kids! Close to the end of the show, Hubby and I kept ourselves amused by watching the kids and their reactions. Aiden had some pretty memorable statements such as "I think Elmo's the boss because he looks like a boss!", while Ian was enthralled throughout the whole show, not even bothering for a milk break! Would I have spent a bomb on tickets to see this show next time? Hmmm.. tough call. I thought the Peter Marvey magic show was worth the price, or use the money on a beach getaway instead... (wait for my next post on that one)!

Afterwards, the BBGS gang grouped together for photos before we dispersed!

Posing for a selfie after the show.

The gang who made it that afternoon.

Aiden watching people queuing for a photo opportunity with Elmo.

Look at that line of people! Good thing we took ours during intermission.

We survived the Sesame Street show, sayang!

Aiden, refusing to leave the show... kidding!

Finally, a shot with the organizer. Thanks for the tickets, Iza!

The kiddos!

Last but not least, Aiden took a shot at some fast paced arcade games before we left Genting. His first time trying out car/motorcycle arcade races too! It was quite a challenge finding a motorcycle that was low enough for him to be able to put his feet down. We finally found one, and even then he was struggling to move the motorcycle from side to side. For the car race, Hubby even had to help step on the fuel pedal, while Aiden controlled the steering wheel.

Check out how he has to scoot all the way to the front to be able to step on the pedal!

Next - wobbling on the motorcycle!
Aiden is now requesting to return to watch Ultraman Live in Genting 2015. Ultraman??? Seriously, Aiden??? *laughs* I hope he drops the idea soon, because I don't think Hubby and I can relate to Ultraman anytime soon!


  1. we were thinking of going to the ultraman gig as well!! hahaha! Mana lah tau leh jumper kat sane.. ;)

    1. Hahahaha I hope I don't need to go and see Ultraman! Seriously, nanti tido I kat dalam hall tuh nanti :P


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