Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Diaper Bag Woes

When expecting a third baby, the number of things that you need to buy significantly reduces.

Thankfully, baby AY is a girl - hence at least I get to buy new clothes. Itu pun we will probably recycle her brother’s swaddles, blankets etc. Baby equipment lagi lah tak payah beli. We are definitely reusing the stroller, car seat, baby chair, bathtub, sterilizer and such.

But my hands are itching to buy something new other than clothes or baby bottles! Something that signifies the coming of a baby girl. Finally I settled for a new diaper bag.

And after some research, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that diaper bags in the market are BORING. I understand that some parents would prefer a unisex colour (I would do the same for my first child so I can reuse in the future) and some would want a bag designed not to look like a diaper bag so that it can be carried by the husband too.

But for me, this is (potentially) my last baby and I simply want to scream to the world that yes, this is a diaper bag, and yes, it’s for a girl! Which means that I want the bag in prints and in pink! Unfortunately, the market doesn’t cater much for prints. And surprisingly, available prints in the market are either neutral colours, or blue!!! Yes blue!!! (So gender biased, sigh.)

I also think that my requirements for a diaper bag are pretty simple:
  • In pink and/or pink prints
  • Lightweight (so no heavy leather bags for me), preferably a stylish backpack.
  • Suitable to be hung off my existing stroller. 
  • Bonus if it comes with insulated compartments.
Anyway, I’m going to share my research to prove my point, but I’ll start with what I finally ended up with:

Jujube BFF
Jujube probably carries the most extensive number of diaper bag prints in the market. And the only few I found online with pink prints. Jujube has multiple models so you can choose for a satchel, backpack, over shoulder, etc. But I love the fact that the BFF is convertible to both satchel or backpack. Very convenient! Comes with insulated pockets too. Love the matching changing mat, the small front pocket for my phone/camera and even a pocket for my sunglasses! My only qualm with it is it's quite bulky... I seem to think that I can pack light. But anyway here’s my choice - the Jujube BFF in Blooming Romance:

Very popular amongst Hollywood stars, probably because it doesn’t look anything at all like a diaper bag. With the luxurious leather option, it can pass off as a handbag or even a laptop bag. The Poppy Convertible Backpack is in a quilted finish and also comes with a matching food and bottle bag. Some other options include an insulated bottle holder and fold out changing mat. No prints sighted.

Petunia Pickle Bottom
The Petunia Boxy backpacks are so awesome! Why? Because it comes with a clever built-in zip-out changing station! Creativity at its best! Convertible to both backpack or cross-body, plus available in sweet prints too. There was an adorable pink print available too but since it was more expensive than the Jujube, I settled with the latter.

JJ Cole
So many options to choose from - satchel, backpack, knapsack, bucket tote, off shoulder cum tote and even backpacks designed for daddies (Papago)! The bucket tote option even comes with a coordinating pacifier pod and single bottle cooler, and the backpack and satchel feature insulated side pockets and coordinating changing pad. Love love love the classy prints but unfortunately only available in neutral colours or BLUE. Le sigh.

Mostly shoulder bags/totes. They have some pretty classy prints but again, in neutral colors. No pink prints backpack sighted. One interesting feature in their backpacks is the Easy Wipes side pocket with a dispenser slot. Means you can directly pull your wipes from the pocket. So novel!

Skip Hop
Multiple models available. Their prints are mostly in neutral colors i.e grey, navy blue, cream. Only one backpack model came with insulated side pockets. There were ~3 pink bags in solid colors but nothing in particular attracted me.

Oh here’s a bonus: Young Versace
Simplest of the lost but obviously the most expensive. You’re paying for the brand, not the practicality! Lovely sweet pink Baroque watercolour print and a matching changing mat. *drool*

So that’s my rundown of diaper bags! Hope this listing helps. *smiles*


  1. Replies
    1. Kan.. memang rambang mata! So many options, but of course pink prints tak banyak lah. :)

  2. I didn't look beyond PPB when I bought diaper bag for my 1st kid. Had to have PPB! But in the end it was Longchamp that proved to be the most versatile and durable.

    1. Agree 100%. Planning to use my pink Longchamp as my secondary bag in case I want to bring the baby for a quick trip out. :)


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