Friday, March 16, 2018

Time Flies

Tick tock tick tock... and it is nearly the end of my first trimester. Well, I found out I was pregnant pun at 9 weeks, naturally lah the first trimester just flew past in a blink of an eye.

I am really suffering from nausea these past few days. Honestly, I don’t know whether this is a genuine pregnancy sickness nausea, or just ‘psycho’ nausea. Sebab dulu before I knew I was pregnant, takde pulak pening kepala, mual, mabuk bagai. Now dah tahu, mula lah mengada ngada.

As usual, I cannot be hungry at all. Must be fed at all times! Lambat makan sikit, and the headache would not subside no matter how much I eat. And it’s not just the customary three meals per day! Just to give you an example of my meal from last Thursday:
  • Breakfast with two pieces of bread with Nutella
  • Second breakfast with nasi kerabu bungkus
  • Lunch at Rakuzen with garlic fried rice and teriyaki beef
  • Snacks at the office makan keropok and breakfast bars
  • Tea time at Asam Pedas with mee kari
  • Dinner at home with white rice and lauk
  • Supper with fried egg kapit with two pieces of white bread.
Fuh, can you imagine my weight now? Kalau tak makan, pening. Kalau makan, gemuk. Le sigh.

But then again, I must really thank my lucky stars that I am just experiencing a sliver of what other pregnant mothers go through. To compare someone who has Hyperemesis Gravidarum versus my relatively mild gassiness plus night sickeness and zero vomiting, is simply unfair. Alhamdulillah, my work and career are not impacted at all from this pregnancy.

My tummy is really protruding out. Not sure whether it’s due to the baby or just the sheer amount of food I eat. It is getting uncomfortable to sleep no matter how many pillows I use to support my tummy and my back. Sooooo miserable.

Other than that, the itching at the tummy area is starting already. Although I am religiously putting Bio Oil and Clarins stretch mark cream after every shower (doesn’t really help my old stretch marks but hey, I don’t want to make them worse)... but sometimes I just feel like scratching the hell away. But sabar sabar. Still can tahan.

With this pregnancy, I'm still having the occasional acne breakouts, and my hair is absolutely limp. Hence, I have zero motivation to dress up and look good. I guess it is true - common wisdom explains that this is because the baby girl is stealing the mother's beauty. All I want to do is to dress myself up in comfy baggy clothes and curl up on the sofa and sleep. I have no interest in updating my social media nor take photos of myself. I still have to look presentable to work, but honestly I’m running out of clothes to wear to hide my bump. My mood is generally neutral in the office (as long as I am constantly fed), but just the other day a staff of mine had to bear the wrath of my hormonal crankiness. No I didn’t scream or anything, but damn - I was strict and direct. Zero smiles.

My sweet sister in laws arranged for a surprise bouquet of flowers to be sent to the office - they're as excited as I am to welcome their first niece! Meanwhile, the boys are starting to accompany yours truly at shopping for girls clothes. OMG I gravitate towards anything pink... and everything is so cute!!!

Just one more week before I jump into my second trimester. Usually then, the ‘I need to eat all the time’ phase eases up, and my headaches go away too. I am sooooo looking forward to that.

Wish me luck peeps.


  1. congrats Lizzie ... samalah kita, hoping to get baby girl . both mine are boys too ... pregnancy saya kali ni mmg teruk, berbeza dgn my two boys ... take care Lizzie.

    1. Thank you, and congratulations to you too. I doakan that your #3 will be a girl too, InsyaAllah. When are you due?


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