Thursday, March 29, 2018

My Tumi Calais

After writing extensively on my quest for a diaper bag, I’m now inspired to write about my laptop bag.

Remember in this post, Hubby hinted about buying me a laptop bag for my 35th birthday? Well it never happened. (He got me something way better!) But since I already had a chosen bag in sight, I decided to just buy it for myself. Sort of a present to myself in welcoming my new role at work.

After much deliberation with Hubby (who managed to convince me that a leather bag is way classier than everything else), I finally decided to go with the Tumi Calais:

Although I gravitated more towards the Sacha, unfortunately it wasn’t available in the leather option. Hence I went with the Calais despite my reservations about it being very ‘bag sekolah’. (Don’t you think the two side pockets make it look very much like a school bag?)

Engraved with my name.

However, I have to admit that I’ve grown to love it very much. I don’t use the side pockets at all (they are still stuffed with paper stuffings)... but the front pocket is super useful! My essentials such as my phone and car keys are so easily reachable. And unlike the Sacha, I don’t need to unbuckle anything. Everything is accessible via zips. The top zipper houses my laptop while the middle one is for my laptop charger, my work diary and occasionally, my WOC. The leather is super lavish and luxurious, and to top it off, the engraving accentuates elegance. Major love!

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