Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tips to Conceive a Girl

Despite my clear disclaimer that baby AY is an accident baby, I received quite a few requests about sharing tips on how to conceive a baby girl. Well, I’m never one to disappoint and truthfully, I did do my due diligence before embarking on my baby-making journey. It’s just that Allah didn’t want to bless me with a baby during that period. Bukan our rezeki at that point of time...

Well, there are a few old wives’ tales that I usually joke to. My favorite would be the ‘curik senduk’ from a person who had only birthed girls. Despite joking about it quite extensively, I have never done this before.

The second would be the Chinese Fertility Calendar. Well... this one is much more believable than the senduk. Like seriously! I have had a 99% accuracy with the calendar. Out of the gazillion (okay I’m exaggerating) checks that I’ve done with my friends and family, only one was wrong and itu pun was a borderline case (baby was born premature). So here’s how you read it. The Chinese believe that your life starts in the womb so if you have celebrated your birthday this year, you plus one from your actual age. So for instance, since I celebrated my 35th birthday in Nov, I have to +1 year in the womb making me 36. Hence according to the 36 line, as baby AY was conceived in Dec, the Chinese Fertility Calendar predicts that she will be a girl. (But if say, AY was conceived in March - before my birthday, then I should be reading the 35 line (34 sebab belum birthday +1) which means it will be a boy.)

Moving to the scientific stuff aka the Shettles method. So the boy sperm (Y) apparently swims faster but survive for shorter periods of time than the girl sperm (X). Hence if you want a girl, do the deed before you ovulate. The idea is that the boy sperm will swim so fast and find no eggs to penetrate and then they die. While the girl sperm swims slowly and surely, and by the time it arrives tadaaaa you’ve ovulated and you get a girl. (Unfortunately with PCOS I couldn’t predict my ovulation so I couldn’t do this one.)

Other than that, there is the acidic versus alkaline diet. Apparently male sperms are less able to survive in acidic environments, so start consuming acidic food if you are hoping for a girl. Some schools of thought also believe that getting your man to eat more chicken will give you a girl, red meat will give you a boy. This was tough for us to follow as Hubby lovesssss a good steak. But I then banned all meats at home and started serving only chicken for dinner. Unfortunately I forgot to inform my husband of the intent, and he conveniently had his share of red meat during lunch at the office! *chuckles*

Oh there is also the bath time method. Many believe that boy sperm are heat-averse, hence having a soak in a hot tub prior to doing the deed may help to weaken the male sperm awaiting release. Excellent way to start the night too!

And lastly but most importantly, the spiritual tip. Kirim kan doa to anyone going to Mekah; mine is as simple as “Doakan that my third baby will be a healthy baby girl.” Itu jer. Tak payah panjang panjang. Permudahkan for the person you are asking help from. And the other thing I did between the doctor confirming the pregnancy to receiving the call to confirm that it is a girl, was to perform solat hajat everyday. Alhamdulillah, after a few rounds of solat hajat, ada a few times I dreamt of carrying a baby girl. And memang rasa tenang after those dreams.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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