Friday, June 11, 2010

The Big Move!

Nope, I am not talking about the big move to the new house. But instead I moved 'places'. Because of the new projects coming into the Deepwater office, the seating arrangements were reorganized. The (limited) floor space was revamped to cram more people into the 5 floors that we occupied in the building.

Surprisingly, I was very much looking forward to the move. Heck, anything beats the space I was occupying. My previous seat was right smack in front of the big boss' room. And because of the 'open concept' philosophy that we practice, my boss practically had his eyes on me all the time. He just had to lift up his head to be able to see my desktop and the Facebook page, blog work I was doing. I could sometimes feel his eyes boring on my back. Okay, really, I'm exaggerating. My boss is seriously great!

But still, even though my friends call me '(insert name of boss)'s santa little helper', I did not exactly enjoy being in the limelight all the time (your cue to gag). And this new place they had assigned to me was not in front of a boss, but instead with my closest colleagues. Oh, did I ever mention that I am the only lady in my team?? *grin* Being surrounded by a group of guys all the time is always fun, never dull!

Oh, but I did solve the issue of the 'full view'. I printed these super important posters in A0 and claimed that my boss' glass wall was the biggest wall available on the floor therefore providing me with an excuse to plaster his wall with these sheets thus shielding my workspace from his view. I also managed to paper the Project Manager wall! A very very effective tactic.

Strategically positioned.

See how close my desk is to the boss???

Crazy us posing in front of the famous posters. Okay fine, so I got a bit carried away.

*flip flip hair to ensure great self photo*

Quarter of the team. The pregnant lady is our designated business support.

So that Friday, we were told to start packing at 3pm and put everything in labelled boxes for the movers to cart to our new workspace. Of course even in the morning everyone had lost all interest in working and were taking advantage of the moving day to clean up their desks and of course gossip!

Even camwhoring with the office bestie.

Also filling up forms for course nomination (soooo not work related...).

Last minute emails on a very much empty desk before calling it a day.

All packed and ready to go.

Last picture at the old desk. You will (not) be sorely missed!

And presenting, my new desk!

And you thought that was the end of this post? No way! After just one day of occupying this new spot, I was surprised by a request from the boss (this is boss number 3 and counting, not the one mentioned above) for me to move to a different level to be closer to him. Apparently we work better if we are on the same floor (or something like that). And since this was a last minute request after everyone had occupied a place in the floor plan, they were forced to give me a Lead desk. Lead desk meaning corner seat, best view in town and of course privacy to update this blog religiously!!!

See??? Corner seat!

Yes, I realise that my cubicle is plastered with non-work related items. Let me clarify. You see, most of my work is confidential and therefore restricted to only the bid room.

Therefore justifying my obsession with plastering my desk with Aiden's pictures since he was a baby.

My view from the window behind my desk. A sight I rarely get to enjoy since I'm almost always cooped up in the bid room or hunched at my desk crunching numbers.

In a nutshell? I love my desk!!!


  1. gosh! mmg dekat giler cubicle lama ko ngan bilik boss, u might as well work in his room je. hahaha. the new place looks so much conducive for fbing and blogging.. hehehe

  2. Hahaha yes it was really close to the boss. I was shocked when I reported for duty and was given this desk. Nak move pun tak boleh. So I rotated my screen to horizontal so that dia tak nampak sangat. Hehehe. And I love my new spot! Walaupun sempit! (Which was why the lead didn't want to sit there in the first place!)


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