Monday, June 14, 2010

A Dinner to Celebrate the Newly Weds!

Last Saturday, my Aunt invited the family over for dinner at her place to celebrate the newly weds. Contrary to most, when I say my family, I do not mean my Mum, my Dad nor my siblings. I usually mean my two aunts plus their husbands and children.

I do not kid around when I say, I am my only family. Besides being an only child (with multiple step siblings), I grew up with only a mother figure at home. Because of that, I grew up with my cousins rather than my step siblings. So therefore, when my Mum passed away in 2002, naturally my Mum's sisters (my two aunts) became my mother figures. And their children became my siblings. I never forget to buy souvenirs for them when I am abroad and almost always spend lavishly on them. Heck, even their duit raya packets are double the ones I hand to my step siblings!

So, back to the story. We arrived early because naturally we came just after inspecting the new house. And the kitchen was already busy! Western food galore!!!

Beef ribs to be grilled with barbeque sauce on the side.

Roast chicken. Lovingly prepared by my aunt's eldest son. (This aunt of mine has five sons, so in this house, even the men cook!)

My uncle even made a make-shift barbeque at the back of the house.

My aunt's pretty corner in the house. Don't know how she keeps it like this considering she has 6 boys (including her husband)!

While waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, Aiden was of course, running around the house with his uncles (my two youngest cousins) and worked up quite a sweat. So we stripped him off his nicely pressed shirt and changed him into a t-shirt. A t-shirt owned by his youngest uncle. And funny enough, it was a t-shirt that I bought for this youngest cousin of mine (who is also my favourite cousin) when Hubby and I were on our 2nd honeymoon in Bali!

Such great memories behind this hand-me-down T-shirt!

It was so big, it became a dress for Aiden!

And finally, the pengantin baru arrived!

Potato bread, grilled ribs and rojak. Not in this picture is of course, the roasted chicken. And salad plus homemade mashed potato made by my aunt's second son.

We even had soup, as a starter.

The home made mushroom soup, was surprisingly, very good.

Nyummy! So who says teenage boys can't cook??

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