Friday, June 4, 2010

Nasi Ayam in Singapore

Hubby's colleague was oh so-the-very-courteous and invited us over for dinner at his place. Actually, it was his last night in Singapore. Lucky him, his secondment to the Singaporean company has ended therefore it was time for him to go home. So to celebrate, he invited lucky us for Nasi Ayam (chicken rice).

It is really hard to find Malaysian (or should I say Melayu) food in Singapore. Whenever I am in Singapore, I would have to fine tune my mindset into accepting that I was only going to be able to have either fast food, or Ayam Penyet - an Indonesian delicacy. So, to hear that we were going to be served Nasi Ayam.... let's just say I jumped up in joy!

Daddy arrived home from work all raring to go but unfortunately, Aiden was still asleep. And boy oh boy, was he in a foul mood when we tried to wake him up. He wailed his lungs out when I wanted to change him into more presentable clothes. I got only as far as taking his shirt off and putting on fresh pants. But he continued crying until in the end I gave in and decided to just leave the house with Aiden shirtless (or we were going to be late for dinner!).

Aiden snoozing shirtless in the elevator down from the apartment.

Covered Aiden with a cloth because he was attracting too much attention from the curious onlookers in the MRT.

My grumpy baby.

As my friend commented, this is the act of a 'real man'!

Lucky guy, he has a swimming pool in his apartment!

Nasi ayam bungkus! Heck, I am definitely not complaining!

I tasted Malaysia....... somewhere.

He even fried keropok and cucur ikan bilis for us! Very the rajin! (Actually he was finishing up all his food stock in the house, but then again, I am not complaining!!!)

Cheeky boy in action.

Cheeky boy got stuck at the edge of the sofa.

"Mummy, let's go home!"

Thank you Haji, for having us ;)

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