Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aiden's First Happy Meal

After the first lame post just a few days back, here's another lame post for you to roll your eyes to. Aiden had his very first Happy Meal! And discovered his preference for Chicken McNuggets over Fillet O' Fish.

Since you're already rolling your eyes, roll your eyes to this one as well. Aiden has found a new obsession on the iPhone - the YouTube application, in particular the Chuggington theme song. Everytime we turn it on, he would sit oh-so-still and focus intently, enthralled by the colours, the movement and the very catchy tune.

The Chuggington craze begins.

Time to prepare myself for everything Chuggington - toys, shirts, bags, books! Similar to Naufal's Thomas craze!

This is the Singapore version of the Happy Meal. You can choose between the corn cup or fries, and soft drink or iced milo. And of course, the Happy Meal toy!

Aiden's first Happy Meal toy!!! *Mummy yang terlebih excited actually*

And like everything else, it ends up in his mouth.

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