Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Quintet


  1. your late mom's car kan?i think i remember kita first year sempat lagi tgk.

  2. Hehehe you remembered! Yup my late Mum's car. Very hard to find this car on the road nowadays. Funny, Siddiq wasn't even part of my life back then and therefore does not understand my excitement when I saw the car. I remember when I drove the car you were beside me, and because the car was a manual without power steering so when I turned a bend, I makan jalan lane sebelah and you told me off for it! Hahaha those were the days ;)

  3. i did???LOL! don't even remember..must've been too scared to remember! well..hope everything goes well for u guys!send my regards to siddiq..and get well soon!


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