Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bila Aiden Balik Kampung

Here are pictures from Aiden's recent trip balik kampung. One of Aiden's granduncles has a really wide piece of land beside his house; and he rears all types of animals within the compound.

Aiden, being a city boy and all, was absolutely amazed. But imagine our surprise when he started shouting "Turkey, turkey!" Okay-lah not so bad; despite growing up in the city he still knows how a turkey looks like. His relatives on the other hand, was impressed that he called it a turkey instead of a chicken. But when they asked him, "Mana ayam?", he simply gave them a blank stare. *tak faham la tuh!* They got so amused that they started him calling ayam! Ooookkkaaayyyyy... I hope this nickname is not going to stick!

Since it was too late at night to catch a turkey for Aiden to play with, they let him touch a chicken instead.

City boy getting up close and personal with a chicken.

Check out how the chicken confidently placed it's leg on Aiden's thigh

The many animals residing within the compound.

This is where the bigger animals like cows, goats and such reside.

The next night, we visited Aiden's granduncle again; and since Aiden called out for the turkey numerous times, they decided to let him play with the turkey too. However, it was no easy feat trying to catch a turkey, so they enlisted help from some local boys, in exchange for payment of a few ringgits.

The local boys demonstrating to Aiden the art of catching a turkey.
The famous turkey.
Aiden looking nervously at the turkey. Heck, even I have never seen a real life turkey before!

No worries, here's a smaller chicken for you, Aiden!

The very extrovert chicken from last night.

Next, a baby goat!

Aiden tried touching the goat.

And quickly pulled his hand back when the goat came forward to nuzzle him!

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