Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nike We Run KL 2011

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away for so long. I have been either running or baking - my two passions for now. I have been dying to upload photos of my latest baking goodies but I shall refrain myself from doing so! How about photos of my first competitive run, and also my first outdoor 10km run?

We were actually quite lucky that we managed to sign up for the Nike Run. Back then I didn't know that Hubby wanted to start running so I didn't bother signing up online for the run when they launched it during the weekend. Come Monday, Hubby emailed me at the office asking me whether I wanted to join the run. Unfortunately the online sign up was closed, but I found out that they were doing manual sign ups at Nike stores. Hubby walked over to the Pavilion outlet but they were out of forms while I called the MidValley outlet and used my best 'damsel in distress' voice to beg the guy over the phone to save two forms for me. Alhamdulillah, he kept to his word and I rushed over after work to make the payments.

Signing up for the Nike Run was a really good motivation for Hubby and I to keep running. But seriously, I only managed to complete a 10km on the treadmill exactly 5 days before the real run. And I was absolutely freaking out - will I finish? Will I even make it within the qualifying time?

Since the gun off time was sharp at 7am, we decided to set the alarm for 5am and then leave the house by 530am. I insisted that we laid out our attire and pack anything we needed for the run before we went to bed. And it was a good thing that we did. Our alarm clocks didn't work!!! I woke up at 540am and literally jumped out of bed. I'm not kidding. I jumped! Hubby jumped a few minutes afterwards (with some screaming encouragement from yours truly). Got ready in record time and left the house at 6am, armed with our breakfast bars.

And we made it! Butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach, I was so excited to run but scared I couldn't do it at the same time.

Easily 10,000 runners, not counting the 'bandit' runners who ran without the official Nike t-shirt.

Run buddy, run!

Nike certainly went all out for this. They had banners everywhere, even a mini stage with JJ from Hitz.FM as the emcee and loud music to get everyone into the mood.

Thank god he received doctor's clearance to run just two days before the run. If not, I would probably have to lock him up in the master bedroom toilet to make sure that he does not sneak out to the run.

Walking over to the start line. Since we were not one of the Nike Plus priority members, we had to wait with the rest of the runners behind a separate barricade.

They had a countdown to gun off, in which everyone joined, and sharp at 7am, all hell broke loose (in a good way, of course). Everyone just started running enthusiastically. Maya had warned me that I would probably face the same problem at the start of the run as during the Terry Fox, weaving through people as I ran. But surprisingly, I did not face the same problem. I believe everyone was so pumped up that they ran their heart out and the road was big enough to accommodate us so there was plenty of space to run without having to stop because someone in front was a tad slower than you.

It was also very thoughtful of Nike to mark each and every kilometer. It certainly pushed me ahead as I saw the first 3kms past by pretty easily. Mind you, it was my first competitive run so I was relieved when I realised that the further I ran, slowly but surely I felt like I could finish. I stopped at every single drinking station they provided (after each ~2.5km). Nike even provided entertainment in the form of traditional Indian & Chinese drums and Malay kompangs near the Brickfields and old KTM station respectively - which were way more motivating than listening to my one and only running song - Fallout Boy's Thanks for the Memories, which played on repeat for the whole 10 kilometers. (Hey, it keeps my pace!)

At the 9km mark.

Nike even provided markers at the last kilometer, namely 800m, 600m up to the last 200m. Definitely boosted me to sprint all the way to the finish line. At 200m I felt like I was running on air and actually potong quite a few people who were taking their own sweet time to the finishing line.

And I did it! The official clock at the finish line showed 1hour 26minutes. After grabbing a piece of banana, bottled water and the finisher gift, I looked for Hubby. Hubby's first reaction when we found each other? He hugged me!!! I was like, eeeewwwww, seriously? All yucky and sweaty? But honestly, it was really sweet of him. I just didn't appreciate the sweat at that point in time! *grin*

Meanwhile, others were still running to complete the race. (I can't believe I finished the run faster than all of you!) *cheeky grin*

The finish line - picture taken about ten minutes after I finished.

The pros of having a heart condition. Your heart pumps faster than anyone else which means you burn more calories (and lose weight faster) than your wife. I had to run 10km to burn 658 calories but Hubby burned an extra thousand (1633 calories) with the same distance. Don't even ask me how much weight he has lost so far!!!

Our running shoes with our finisher gift. Inside the box is a cute little keychain model of the Nike LunarGlide 3 which is also a 1GB thumb drive. Very creative!

Nike, you rock!

We did it Hubby!

Aaaaahhh, I finished my first competitive 10km run! Aaaaahhhh *drama queen mode*

Well done Nike. The event was certainly organized very well.

So when is the next race?

The race route map. Again, the hills of Jalan Parlimen very nearly killed me.

There were also performances by Joe Flizzow and Mizz Nina to close the event.

And guess what? We brought home a memento from the run and hung it proudly in our garden. Let's see how long it lasts in the rain and shine!

Finally, yesterday Nike Running Malaysia published the official results from the run and I was pleasantly surprised that my official time is actually 1hour 24minutes and ranked #518 in the above 25 women category. Definitely a great motivation for me to run faster next time.

Till the Nike Run KL 2012!

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