Friday, December 9, 2011

Surprise 29th Birthday Dinner at Carcosa Seri Negara

Oh Em Gee, I have finally turned 29!

And, to make turning 29 even sweeter, (apart from completing a 10km run,) Hubby organized the most special and thoughtful birthday dinner surprise ever. Right after the run, Hubby reminded me that we were going for dinner and then he went straight to bed. Letih giler kan! But instead of doing the same, I made red velvet cake instead. (What is it with me and baking after every run??!!) The red velvet cake was going to be my own birthday cake for a BBQ makan makan I was organizing the following day. And unfortunately the first cake didn't turn out perfectly round since I lined the baking tins with baking sheets and I was determined to make my cake perfect so I actually made another. Yes, two red velvet cakes in one day. I should probably open a bakery! *yeah right*

Enough about the cake - that and the BBQ deserves a post on its own. Anyway, 7pm arrived and Hubby came down the stairs (after his beauty sleep) and told me to go get ready. I didn't know where we were going nor know what I was going to wear. The only thing he told me was that he was going to be wearing a blazer. Oooookayyyyy... that's helpful! If only he had told me that we were going to be dressing up, a day or two earlier, I would have made sure that I had something decent to wear!

So we got into the car and he started driving towards the Nike Run finish line, and I remember asking him whether he wanted another run that night. And suddenly he turned into Carcosa Seri Negara. Yes, Carcosa. And funnily, the first thing that came to my mind was: "Oh crap, I don't have enough battery in my phone for pictures!" Apologies for the grainy pictures - should have brought the SLR instead (provided I was given a day heads up). And thank you to my stepsister who came to the rescue by sending us her portable iPhone charger so that we could at least document how perfect our dinner was that night.

And the dinner was simply perfect. The ambience, the colonial-style architecture setting, the scrumptious food, the immaculate service, and of course - my better half.

The brilliant mastermind. I love you Hubby!

I was in awe when the server brought us to the table. They had thoughtfully seated us in a private corner, with rose petals on the table! Romantic!!

There was only one other family in the room. (So we had to behave while they were around *grin*)

Hubby studying the menu.

Even though the selection was somehow limited, I was still unsure of what to order. Everything on the menu looked nyummmmmy to my taste buds!

Our starter - Tuna something something. Essentially pan fried tuna with local spices. It was really good - especially the combination of the tuna with the pumpkin curry sauce on the side.

My main course. I decided to have the Halibut with white asparagus, morel mushroom and shellfish sauce. Halibut is my favourite fish after Cod. And it was done brilliantly well - the first bite I took was absolutely bursting with interesting flavours.

Hubby's main course - the Roasted Lamb Rack with crusty fresh herbs and mint croquettes. We have had the opportunity to try a wide range of lamb racks in other restaurants, but somehow this lamb rack was not the same as the others we've previously sampled. Unique taste, I simply couldn't pinpoint what it was. The lamb was tender and moist, the sauce incredibly tasty.

I had declined dessert (because I knew a cake would be coming - come on, how can someone celebrate a birthday without cake??) and finally they brought the cake over. They even laid out a knife by my side just in case I wanted to cut the cake in grandeur and all!

Hubby confided in my at that point that he had arranged for the pianist to play the birthday song when they brought it the cake, but at the very last minute they informed him that the pianist wasn't on duty that night. Then he agreed for them to play 'our' song over the PA system. But unfortunately they didn't live up to the arrangement. Regardless, I was touched. A simple Happy Birthday wish trumps those hyped up gestures anyday.

Thank you Sayang. I was truly, pleasantly, surprised.

"Happy 29th Birthday"

"My Lovely Wife"

And then the true surprise arrived. A big bouquet of roses. This time, I was absolutely surprised. No kidding!

I wonder how you are going to top this next year, dear Hubby!

Probably one of the richest chocolate cakes I had ever tasted in my 29years of life!

Hubby had freshly brewed coffee and immersed himself in the lush settings.

Our private corner!

And suddenly the other family left and we had the whole room to ourselves.

The other side of the dining room. It definitely had an understated elegance.

I am actually 29! Next year there will be no celebration. I swear I am going to take the day off and berkabung bawah selimut.

Carcosa also has an elegant staircase leading up to their luxury 5-star deluxe boutique hotel rooms. I saw a couple going up to their room - on a honeymoon or something. Makes me want to book a room there too!

Hubby and his bouquet of flowers.

That's one historic piece of picture behind us - partly obscured by the christmas tree.

One last pose before we stepped out.

Rich in history and culture, Carcosa Seri Negara is certainly the hallmark of Malaysia's national heritage.

Awwww Hubby... *melts*

Walking out. I really didn't want the night to end!

Love this historical heritage mansion. Definitely making this one of my favourite places in KL.

Thank you Hubby, you really did well this year *grin*


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