Friday, August 30, 2013

Where Did 2013 Go??!!

Oh wow! My first post for 2013...

I know, I know... I have left this blog neglected for too long. I really should put more discipline in writing. *sigh* One can only try...

Anyway, Aiden is now 4, Hubby is turning 32 in 2 months and I am turning 31 in 3 months. Let me just give you a recap of what I have been busy with these past few months:

  • Gallavanting through USA, with stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Disneyland (for Aiden, of course) and Houston with Aiden and Hubby. Shopped till we dropped and with all that cash flow, we probably revived the US economy by the time we left.
  • Baking, baking and more baking... although I started declining orders in June...
  • Baking a birthday cake for Adi Putra and making a dessert table for Adi Putra's daughter's aqiqah.
  • Supporting my sister-in-law's campaign in the recent GE 13 (yes, she ran but she lost).
  • Baking a Transformers cake for Aiden's 4th birthday party. Amazingly, we only had a small do for him at his kindergarten. Nope, he did not get a birthday bash this year (surprising news??) because.......
  • I was so busy melayan my morning sickness my loya, various back pain, aches and being an absolute pemalas due to this bun in the oven: 

Yes, Alhamdulillah we are expecting #2 at the end of this year. On the 29th of November (my birthday) to be exact! So insyaAllah three generations (my dad, myself and baby) will share the same birth date. I'll keep the story of how we conceived #2 and found out I was pregnant, in a separate post, but let's just say, after waiting so long for a second child, Alhamdulillah the fertility treatments worked on our very first try.

So bear with me a bit more as I carry this bun around whilst trying to juggle work and squeezing blogging in the same equation. And yes, I haven't forgotten - I still owe various posts from 2012 especially on running, baking using my Raspberry Ice glass bowl Kitchenaid and Aaron Aziz's daughters' birthday dessert table! Will try to catch up when I can. If not, there's always the three month maternity leave to look forward to! *grin*

Till my next post, take care guys! And thanks for still taking the time to read this humble blog.

Love, Liz.


  1. kak liz... miss u..! wonder where are u?
    pls2 do write more often plssss ... :)

  2. Welcome baaaaaaaaaaCK!! I was wondering where were you had gone.. Congrats for the #2.. I had mine last year.. :p

  3. Hello Kimi! Sorry I know I have been away for too longggggg. Thanks for the comment. Blogging really takes displine lah hehehehe

  4. Farah, noooooo you had #2 already?? Kenape I ketinggalan bas keretapi semua nie?? Congratulations!!


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