Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eijas' Engagement Cake

This was an order that I could never say no to. My aunt was planning her eldest son's engagement and she asked me to prepare the engagement cake for the dulang hantaran. I happily obliged, since this is the first time my aunt is going to receive a menantu. Also, this is the first time a cousin younger than me is getting engaged! In my eyes, he is still my baby cousin. I remember when I was younger, I used to love babysitting him and his brother as I did not have any siblings of my own. I even bought him his first phone as a reward for his great SPM results. I am actually also his guarantor for his university loan! Alhamdulillah, he's going to be a doctor soon. But now, he's getting engaged??

Anyway, my aunt requested for a lilac cake to fit the theme. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any purple sugar flowers at the bakery. Instead, I found this beautiful pink sugar flower that matched so well with my pink cake board. (Yes, the sugar flower was store-bought. If I am ever able to make that flower myself, I might as well stop working and open a cake-making business!) 

Just after putting on fondant to the cake.

I decided to keep the cake simple but elegant. Since the cake was simple, the flower became the main attraction of the cake. I only decorated the cake with a flower border and matching white pearls.

The finished cake.
White flowers around the cake.
View from the top.

Since we did not own anything in lilac, I decided to wear my Cadbury purple baju kurung. And a week before the event, I dragged Hubby to Jalan TAR to purchase a matching purple baju melayu and even sampin! Thankfully, Hubby agreed on the colour, especially since Cadbury purple is quite an adventurous colour. I haven't managed to convince him to wear fuchsia pink, though!

Takes a confident couple to wear this colour, so kudos to Hubby for trusting your wife's taste with this baju melayu.

As soon as we arrived at my aunt's house with the cake, everyone crowded around whilst I gingerly took the cake out of the box. They ooohhh-ed and aaahhh-ed when they saw the cake! One of my aunt's neighbour actually pulled me aside and asked whether I could bake her daughter's wedding cake, but I politely declined. Honestly - baking and juggling two boys just can't seem to jive!

The cake on the dulang hantaran. Loving the purple baby breaths!
Phewww... even though the cake was more pink than lilac, it didn't look too out of place from the other hantarans.
Ian posing with the man of the day.

The engagement was held at Intekma in Shah Alam. The girl's side actually booked a huge hall for the event. The pelamin was also beautifully decorated, as if it was a wedding dais! Kalau nak kahwin terus pun boleh!

Our side in lilac, and the girl's side in pink.
The representative from our side showing the hantaran that we brought.
My aunt's 4 boys - the hantaran bearers. She has 5 boys in total, including the one getting engaged. 
Upacara menyarung cincin and my aunt posing with her future daughter-in-law.
My two aunts, cousin in-laws and I posing with the lady of the day.
Another shot.
Posing with the hantaran from the girl's side. I love their dulang hantaran!
Aiden posing with his favourite cousin and best friend - Airyl.
The cake.
Last picture of the day before we left.
And this was how I ended the day. By having tapai at an open house. Heaven!

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