Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grand Hyatt Singapore - Upgraded!

I haven't been travelling so much via airplane nowadays. Even if it is still the safest way to travel, reading this on my flight to Singapore last week was a bit erm... ironic?

Reading this at 33,000ft in the air.

Anyway, I was on my way to Singapore for work, which included a day offshore. Initially, I wanted to book myself at the Hilton Singapore (Hilton Honors member yeay!).. but our ground transportation offshore was going to depart from the Grand Hyatt Singapore so I changed my booking to suit this.

I arrived at the hotel via cab, and as I was paying the fare, there were already unloading my luggage from the boot. As soon as I stepped out of the cab, a very pretty lady greeted me by name! She tapped on the iPad she was holding a few times and said "I understand you have a reservation with us, Miss Aliza. Please allow me to escort you to the front desk." I was quite intrigued by how she recognized me, and she offered an explanation cheekily, "I read it off your luggage tag. Not so smart, issit?" Well, I was still pretty impressed with her resourcefulness. She even introduced me to the man attending to me at the reception!

As for my experience at reception, service was swift and professional. But best of all, he told me that he was going to find me a "nice room", and when I asked him what that meant, he informed that he had upgraded my room to a Grand Deluxe! Knowing that I was a nobody in the Hyatt Gold Passport hierarchy, I asked him why he was upgrading me. He answered that they try to upgrade everyone who works at the Dutch Oil Company. Apparently we have a special partnership with Hyatt, we even get a discount for breakfast buffets!

This trip was actually my second time here. The first time, I was placed in the Standard room in the Terrace Wing - and even that room was quite impressive to the eye. The Grand Deluxe rooms are located in the Grand Wing. As I walked up to my room, I was mentally preparing myself to be amazed. And look at what greeted me:

The living area.

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the size of the room. Excuse me, I meant the rooms. Yes, instead of just a room with a bed, there was even a separate living area for entertaining guests.

That's the front door. The cabinets on the left of the door had a fridge and coffee making facilities within it. I thought I was going to use the workstation to blog, but I was too busy enjoying the room to do so.
The view of the bedroom from the living area.
A flat screen television just for the bedroom.
A chest of drawers in case you want to unpack. Two door wardrobe and a full length mirror.
The luxurious marble bathroom.

Again, my jaw dropped when I saw the beautiful bathroom. And when I saw the bathtub, I immediately said aloud "Aiden would have enjoyed this"! That's the funny part about being a mummy. Apart from missing the kids, somehow I also had a heart-wrenching guilt feeling that I was enjoying this exclusive room without them experiencing the same!

Separate areas for the shower and the toilet, the latter had a frosted glass door to ensure privacy.
Beautiful sink, complimented by bathroom amenities by June and Jacobs.
Loving the bathtub! Plenty of towels too.
It is not often that I find myself squatting in this position in the bathtub to take pictures!
The very comfy sofa in the living area.
Sanitized! Yes, I am anal that way.

Apart from doing some light shopping on Orchard Road (which was just a 5-minute walk from the hotel), I mostly stayed in the room and enjoyed my "me" time. I am quite a sucker for crime and mystery series, so Fox Crime was on the television all the time. I even ordered breakfast in my room!

American breakfast.
The sauteed mushrooms accompanying the (halal) sausages were simply beautiful. I even asked them for additional mushrooms the next day. The basket of bread and pastries came soft and warm as well - scrumptious croissants!
Checking out. Matching my work coveralls with my trusty ol' handbag. Imagine bringing an LV handbag offshore!!!

Will I be choosing this hotel again? A resounding yes indeed! Anyone tried the Grand Hyatt KL yet?


  1. Ai kak...
    dalam banyak2 gambar dalam entry nie, gambar yang last paling win..

    1. Hehe Alyaa, memang betul! Dalam banyak banyak gambar, gambar tuh la yang paling banyak like dalam FB! Jauh berjalan bag tuh... sampai ke offshore! Hehehe

  2. lucky u!!! love the dining in stuff in the stunning room.. I need some me time too!

    1. Aaaahhh tell me about it! I think we all need our me time one way or another. I wish I could do the breakfast in bed thingy again, minus the guilt part about leaving the kiddos at home. Hehe


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