Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Preloved Jumperoo - Up for Sale!

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In the past one week, I have received at least 5 emails asking me whether I wanted to sell my Jumperoo. I bought this Jumperoo back in Oct 2009 - you can read the original post here (check out Aiden's intrigued face), and the latest blog post here (where Ian showed the exact same emotions)!

My Jumperoo is an authentic Fisher Price (not Fisher Rice - mind you!) *grin*, it is definitely not an imitation or china-made version. I am surprised that there are really good imitations available nowadays because back in 2009 there were none available at all. I guess someone saw an opportunity in maximizing profit from baby gadgets.

Anyway, I am really keen to sell my Jumperoo (if the price is right, of course). If you are interested in purchasing mine, please send me an email at lizyahaya[at] and state your price. First come, first serve, and please note that my selling price starts at RM250. Sounds reasonable? If you live in the Klang Valley, I will gladly do COD. For outside Klang Valley, shipping will be quoted separately.

The said unit is in great condition and most importantly, the lights, sound and movement sensors are all working perfectly. The volume control and rotating seat also works. It is also a complete set - all the toys (hanging and stationary) are available and it even comes with the instruction manual. Unfortunately I threw away the box, but you can see a picture of the box in my original post when I unboxed the unit. However, please bear in mind it is 5 years old (between Aiden and Ian) and for the most of its life I kept it safe in the attic wrapped in plastic. Also, as I mentioned in the latest post, there was a tear on the seat - but fret not, it now has a newly sewn red polkadot seat (instead of solid red) so the seat is practically brand new. I will also clean and disinfect the unit before selling it off - you know I'm anal that way!

Anyway, how do you tell if the Jumperoo is an original or an imitation? Some things to watch out for:
  • Use your (mother) instinct. If you are familiar with Fisher Price toys, you will notice the difference in the quality and appearance.
  • The Jumperoo toys are not the same as the authentic ones. For instance, the Rainforest Jumperoo might have a rhino instead of a parrot. Okay I am exaggerating but you get my point. The toys may even look cheap and dull.
  • There should be a Fisher Price tag on the hanging toy. For the Rainforest unit, the tag is on the hanging parrot.
  • There should also be a Fisher Price sticker at the front of the unit. For the Rainforest unit, it is where the elephant, parrot and monkey are located.
  • There should be a warning sticker on the unit.
  • You shouldn't have to screw/unscrew the unit to adjust its height. An authentic Jumperoo uses hooks that you use on different level straps to obtain height differences.
  • This is pretty subjective, long lasting batteries - because I didn't even need to change the batteries when transitioning from Aiden to Ian - that's 5 long years ago!
  • Price - this is the easiest to spot. If the price is too good to be true, then it is probably too good to be true. New units retail for about RM8++ but if you wait for a good sale, you can get one for around RM6++. I believe I bought mine for about RM650. 
  • Completeness of the set - the box, the instruction manual etc.
Here are some pictures of the Jumperoo;

Picture taken in June 2014. As you can see the unit is in very good condition.

The new seat cover - hence the red polkadots.

The Fisher Price tag on the hanging parrot toy.

The Fisher Price and Rainforest Jumperoo branding on the unit.

Looking forward to your emails. And good luck!


  1. Hi everyone, thank you for the overwhelming response. My inbox is full of people asking to buy this Jumperoo. Unfortunately (well fortunately for me!), this Jumperoo is now sold. I hope the new owners love it as much as we did. :)

  2. May i know... i found one made in china but is it immitation?They claimed original one. Is it original one made in usa? How about urs?

    1. Hi, not sure about the manufacturing location of mine. Sorry can't be of help. But keep a look out for the tell-tale signs of an imitation product, and check the labels and all before buying. Or buy from a reputable shop to be sure. Good luck!


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