Saturday, November 1, 2014

Breakfast in Bed

Remember I mentioned making breakfast in bed for Hubby, the morning of his 33rd birthday?

I bought the Breakfast in Bed kit during the recent MPH warehouse sale. It caught my eye when I was browsing for activity books for Aiden. The initial plan was to make breakfast in bed for Father's Day, but since we celebrated that occasion at Doubletree, that plan flew out the window.

So for his 33rd birthday, I decided to let him sleep in and prepare breakfast in bed (giving me more time to run around the house to prep for his party). Made his favourite half boiled eggs; using the egg timer that came with the kit. (The egg timer darkens in particular shades as the eggs go through soft, medium and hard boiled). The eggs looked really regal, sitting in their egg holders. I also thought that the toast stamp was a cute way of proclaiming my love, so I stamped the bread before popping it into the toaster. Other than that, I made his morning coffee, laid the cutlery, lined up an assortment of jams then plated everything into my new Noritake set, on a tray.

Toast stamped with a love message.

Breakfast in bed for the birthday boy.

I know the tray looked quite empty; sorry Sayang - takde bunga bagai this year and I wasn't going to sacrifice my precious roses from the garden just for a photo opportunity (erk... that's how special you are??!!) *grin* But jokes aside; it's really the thought that counts and I did put a lot of love into the contents of the tray! *lovey dovey eyes*

Tiptoed gingerly into the bedroom towards Aiden's bed, and whispered in the boy's ears. It took a couple of minutes for me to finally convince him to wake up to help me with the surprise. (His first reaction was, "I don't want. I want to sleep!") 

Aiden carrying the surprise tray in. Muka kena paksa bangun tido! The tray was quite heavy and he was balancing it quite precariously for this photo; I was sooooo worried for the well-being of my Noritake!

Because of all the drama of coaxing Aiden to wake up, the eggs sat too long in their egg holders and the beautiful soft boiled eggs became nearly hard boiled eggs! Tsk tsk tsk.

The breakfast in bed kit.

Contents of the box.

Anyway, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, the kit even comes with a breakfast recipe book. I haven't had the time to try any of the recipes, but they look really really good. It even comes with step by step numbered instructions with plenty of pictures to guide you.

Easy recipes such as French Toast.

To even more complicated recipes such as Frittata.

Hope I have inspired you to prepare breakfast in bed for your man. And probably a bit more! *cheeky smile*

Hubby - if you're reading this, I want breakfast in bed too! *grin*

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