Monday, January 12, 2015

Aiden's First Day in Pre-Junior!

Hey 2015!

Truthfully, I dragged my feet to work on my first working day of 2015. But somehow, I survived that first week. I guess the new year didn't really kick in for me, with Aiden still on school holiday and the roads being peculiarly clear and traffic-free. But today marks Aiden's first day in Pre-Junior, and finally, I am feeling the beginning of a new year (and the coming of age)!

Yesterday, we tucked Aiden in at his school bedtime of 930pm, but by the time he finally dozed off, it was at least 10pm. He must have found it hard to adjust to sleeping early, especially since we never regulated his bedtime during the holidays. But Alhamdulillah, when we woke him up this morning at 650am, he sat up, looked around for a bit, then walked all by himself to his bathroom. *claps for the big boy*

Yeay for the first day!

This year he wanted everything Transformers. From his lunch box, to his water bottle, to his pencil case to even his stationery! Thank god I managed to convince him to reuse his school bag!

Posing with Mummy. Another milestone for Aiden!

Daddy wanted to be in the picture too.

We left the house at 745am, and by the time we arrived at Real Kids Plus, the school compound was already full of excited parents armed with the latest smartphones or cameras, ready to record their child's first day of school. Aiden, eager to start his "six year old class", walked confidently into school.

Aiden proudly told his cousin over the weekend, that his school has a windmill. So here's the famous windmill!

Scanned the class name list for any familiar names, but to my disappointment, Aiden's best friends Rizq and Amzar were placed in a different class. At least, Radley and Danya were in the same class as Aiden, so it's not like he had to start completely fresh *phewww* On the way to class, I told Aiden that Rizq and Amzar won't be in his class, but again Alhamdulillah, he took it quite well. Must be the adrenaline rush, or he was only half listening to me. *tsk tsk tsk*

This year, Aiden's class is on the ground floor. So hopefully no more tripping on the staircase, yeah boy?

The only day in school when you get to play, Aiden!

After making sure he had settled comfortably in class, I left to have breakfast with Danya's mummy, while Hubby went off to work. Fast forward two hours later, it was already time to pick him up (early dismissal for the first day at 10am). There was a big crowd of parents at the school door. But since the teachers were familiar with me, they made an effort to locate Aiden pretty quickly.

The first thing Aiden said to me when he walked into my arms... "Mummy... I made a clown plate today! But I didn't get to finish it today - so teacher said that we can continue tomorrow!" His arms was flying around, as he was animatedly trying to express how much fun he had that morning. Needless to say, I was a happy Mummy just witnessing him being happy. *smile*

But I simply had to broach the subject again.... "Aiden.... Rizq and Amzar are not in your class yeah? They are in a different class, okay?" I waited for his response with baited breath.  He answered, "It's okay Mummy... I saw Amzar in the toilet today!" I laughed my head off, and said "Wow, that is certainly an interesting place to meet each other!

Similar to last year, Danya's Mummy kindly gave us a lift home. Aiden is seen here helping Danya put on her seatbelt.

Classmates again!

Aiden, congratulations on your latest milestone! Next year is an even bigger milestone - the big boy school; so enjoy this last year in kindergarten (especially as a senior!) and I hope you have a great year ahead. With much love from all of us!

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