Friday, July 3, 2015

A Year's Supply of Toothbrushes!

Love your teeth!

I received an email recently, offering a year’s complimentary supply of toothbrushes for my family!

Wow – never in my history of blogging, have I received a year’s supply of anything! Excited, I immediately agreed. As you can see from our pearly white smiles, toothbrushes are an integral part of my family. Hubby practices both brushing and flossing, while I brush my teeth after every meal. As for the kids - Aiden is very meticulous about keeping his teeth clean (he even brushes his tongue!), while Ian loves imitating his big brother.

When the parcel arrived in our mailbox, the kids practically tore the package apart. Nestled inside the package, were Jordan toothbrushes for the whole family. Specifically for the adults, their recently launched Jordan Target Sensitive Toothbrush! With its small head, ultra-soft and gentle slim 0.01mm bristles; it ensures a thorough cleaning particularly for hard to reach spots. Its slim ergonomic precision handle also provides exceptional access to the entire mouth. Just don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every three months!

Jordan Target Sensitive.

Ultra-soft 0.01mm slim bristles.

According to Jordan, kids should brush their teeth twice daily, after meals and with a pea size of fluoride toothpaste on a child sized toothbrush. To entice the young ones to form a good oral hygiene habits from an early age, Jordan has introduced a step-by-step toothbrush series for babies and children:

Step 1: For toddlers between 0-2 years, it has a small head with soft bristles, and the handle of the toothbrush even doubles up as a teething ring!

Step 2: For children between 3-5 years, it even includes a cool sand timer to make sure that the children brush long enough for their dental health.

Step 3: For children between 6-9 years, it has an integrated ‘solo brush’ to reach molars and hard to reach spaces between the teeth and gums.

Since our household did not include anyone between the ages of 3-5 years old, I did not receive a Step 2 toothbrush. *sigh* I was so looking forward to reviewing the sand timer!

Step 1 - check out that teething ring!

It even comes with a toothpaste indicator. For babies, you only need to put a dollop of toothpaste at the blue line.

Step 3 - pretty motifs and bright colours.

The orange bit is the solo brush to help kids brush their molars and hard to reach places. It even comes with a travel cap to keep the brush clean and protected when travelling.

The kids were so excited to try out their new toothbrushes.  First up - Ian! The handle of the toothbrush fit perfectly in his hand. He looked curiously at the toothbrush - probably contemplating whether to brush his teeth or bite the bright coloured teething ring. Eventually, he made his choice and I was pleased to see that the ergonomic curved end sloping towards the hole in the middle, helped Ian with his grip.

Ian brushing his baby teeth.

Next up, Aiden! He had a fun time picking out which design he wanted to try out. Finally he settled with the blue. After brushing his teeth, he cleverly commented that the brush bristles felt soft in texture. I was pleased! Anything that makes brushing fun and comfortable for my kids definitely gets a positive review from me. *smiles*

I love Jordan's ingenuity in combining function with aesthetics. Thoughtfully designed for kids - with bright colours, cartoon characters and even squishy handles, it was no surprise that both Aiden and Ian enjoyed their Jordan brushing experience. With Jordan, there is no reason to have a bad set of teeth!

Tip from the friendly folks at Jordan: If your child accidentally knocks out his baby tooth, do not attempt to re-insert it and consult a dentist for an evaluation of damage to other teeth. However, if your child knocks out his permanent tooth, keep the tooth in your child's mouth in its own saliva... or in some milk. Go to the dentist immediately to have the tooth put back in place.

For more information on the range of Jordan oral aid products, visit their official website and Facebook page.


  1. wow 1 year stock, wish I could have it to

    1. Hi Suriya... next time I'm offered more, I'll pass some to you ok? ;)


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