Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Iftar with the BBGS Girls

Getting the BBGS gang under one roof is no easy feat. Try coordinating seven families to decide on a date for Iftar... Impossible! In the end, we just picked a date and tried to get everyone to clear their schedules for it. Nak harap semua available memang tak dapat!

Last weekend, 5 of the 7 girls managed to somehow make time and pujuk their husbands to join our yearly potluck Iftar. Yours truly got nominated as host. Aiden was of course over the moon that his friends would be coming over. I on the other hand, was freaking out on how I was going to fit 10 adults and 8 kids at the dining area, eating simultaneously.

In the end, KiddyBounce came to the rescue. I used their kid sized table and chairs to set up a kids eating area in the dry kitchen. As for the dining table, I squeezed in 4 chairs at each side and added additional chairs at each end to make a grand seating total for 10. Ngam ngam just nice!

I borrowed a commercial grade rice cooker from a neighbour to cook 9 cups of rice in one go. Since it was a potluck, I only made ikan terubuk masin masak lemak, sayur campur and telur dadar. Everyone else supplemented these with their own rendition of dishes, and desserts from Param.

Just ten minutes before berbuka, the last of the 5 families arrived. This was such an impromptu photo - in the camera viewfinder I saw 4 girls, and when I turned there were 5!

Food, food, glorious food!

The kids' eating area. Aiden of course sat beside Danya (vacant seat in picture), while Ian and Raziq bonded together, even sharing drinks and all!

Hubby then led Maghrib prayers.

As usual, as soon as prayers were over, the kids kept pleading for the Mummies to bring them out into the garden to play fireworks. We finally agreed for them to start with the sparklers while waiting for their Daddies to help with the rocket type mercun and such.

My two cheeky boys. Check out Ian's intense face, studying how to burn the tip of the sparkler.

Anddddd... as expected, he insisted on trying it for himself! (But instead of burning the tip, he burned the middle of the sparkler instead! *giggles*)

Aiden posing with Danya while Daddy had to hold Ian's hand just in case he decides that the fire sparks were interesting enough to touch!

So much action in our garden!

BBGS at heart!

First attempt to try to get a group picture while playing bunga api.

Unfortunately Ayesha decided to interframe and block Raziq out!

Second attempt!

Oh well, this was the best picture we could get.

Next, we moved on to the rocket mercuns!

Looks like a shooting star, don't you think?

And last but not least, the kids retired into the house to watch the Daddies play mercun at the porch pulak. Look at Ayesha hugging Ian... so cute!

It was so good to meet up with most of the girls. While the men went for prayers, we sat at the dining table, enjoyed dessert and gossiped to no end. And when the men returned, the men joined in the gossip session too! (So unlike the SPK gang where the men would have their own coffee session in the garden.) The most epic comment made that night was the newly coined term "Jantan Dominated and Frustrated". You see, our BBGS school motto is Nisi Dominus Frustra which means "Without God All Is In Vain" in Latin. Hence the term... Geddit? *chuckles*

Gossip session going on!

Part of the BBGS gang.

Can you believe that I have known some of these girls since I was 8? That's 25 years of friendship!

Jantan Dominated and Frustrated anyone? (Ian excluded, of course!)

Thank you for coming girls! I hope we do not wait for next year to get together again. Love you all to bits!


  1. meriah nya

    btw Lizz apa BBGS ekekekke

    1. Hehe BBGS tuh Bukit Bintang Girls School. Pavilion kat Jalan Bukit Bintang tuh dulu tapak sekolah kitaorg...

  2. bbgs in our hearts always - there will never be any Bukit Bintang Girls School anymore in d world!

    1. Yes, once a BBGS girl, always a BBGS girl :)


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