Friday, July 10, 2015

Aiden's Half Day Fasting Experience

This Ramadhan, Aiden started fasting half day for the first time in his life!

We were quite nervous about how he was going to survive half of the day without food. Honestly, Aiden is quite the big eater. A sturdy 27kg, he survives not on just the mandatory three daily meals, but also with random snacks such cheese toast, hotdogs, roti canai and cereal with milk throughout the day. He constantly walks up to the maid and asks, “Aiden eat ape?” (excuse his Manglish!), which is a sure sign that his tummy is rumbling for some food.

But masyaAllah… imagine our surprise when Aiden himself requested to attempt fasting, albeit only half a day. Of course, the promise of a reward in the form of one ringgit per day probably added to the excitement. But the fact that he was determined to try it out was enough to make this mother a very proud Mummy!

Since Aiden goes to kindergarten in the morning and comes home at noon, we decided that it would be easier for him to fast during the latter half of the day. At least he still gets to enjoy meals with his friends in school, then come home to a nutritious lunch (his version of Sahur) and then be able to rest until it is time to break fast. Also, I would be home by late afternoon to give him the willpower and motivation that he may need to get through the day.

Other than fasting, Aiden has been diligently joining his Daddy at the mosque for terawih.

The first week was certainly not easy for us. Just two hours in, he was already hungry and cranky! But bless him, despite the hunger pangs and mood swings, he was still determined to fast, and any attempts to persuade him to eat or drink would be answered by a firm “No, Aiden puasa!” Occasionally, his friends would come knocking at the door to play football, so by the time he returned home he would be so physically exhausted that he would sprawl on the carpet, counting down the minutes to the call of Maghrib.

To help make it easier for him, I started including a big mug of Horlicks for him to drink as part of his Sahur. My mum used to do the same for me, as I remember having this easy-to-prepare nutritional drink growing up as part of my Sahur too. And she knew exactly how I wanted it – heaps of Horlicks and unstirred, cos I loved scrapping and eating the solidified Horlicks at the bottom of my mug.

The Horlicks legacy. Horlicks now comes in delicious chocolate too!

Since children at Aiden’s age undergo a rapid growth and development process, it is essential for them to have nutritious food to prepare their body and system for the fasting ritual. Well guess what? Horlicks contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals for a daily wholesome nourishment. As it is made from wheat, milk and malted barley, it is a rich source of dietary fibre which delays hunger and helps sustain energy levels. It is also fortified with multivitamins and macronutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D which also helps them to stay alert and energetic throughout the day.

Aiden having a mug of Horlicks for his mid-day Sahur.

Horlicks recently launched the #SahurDenganHorlicks campaign, which is an initiative that seeks to educate both parents and their children on the importance of starting their day with a nutritious Sahur. Parents are encouraged to share and discuss interesting recipes and introducing innovative tips for mothers to prepare quick and easy treats for their children by supplementing their meal with a cup of Horlicks.

In support of the campaign, Horlicks Malaysia will run a social media contest from 18 June to 16 July 2015. You can share your innovative Sahur recipes by uploading photographs onto their social media platforms by using the hashtag #SahurDenganHorlicks, or you can submit your child’s interesting fasting memories and experiences on their Facebook page. 

This picture represents Aiden's most memorable fasting experience: After 15 days of fasting half day straight, he was so confident that he could finish the remaining days hence he cheekily asked for an advance payment! *chuckles*

Watch 6 year old Ilham’s story about his first attempt at fasting. It may inspire you to share your child’s fasting memories. Who knows, you may win big – as 5 winners with the most captivating entries will walk away with ONE YEAR supply of Horlicks products.

Thank you Horlicks, for being part of Aiden’s first half day fasting experience!



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