Thursday, July 9, 2015

Berbuko at KL Tower

Remember this post?

Well last Friday we finally managed to fulfill KL Tower's invitation, to attend their Moh Kito Berbuko buffet dinner spread.

The trip from Shah Alam to the heart of KL took over an hour, thanks to a shortcut that never happened. We ended up being stuck for over 20 minutes trying to get out of the Jalan TAR area. When we finally arrived at the tower, we were swiftly greeted with mineral water bottles (in the shape of the KL Tower!) and gentle reminders for us to "berbuka dulu" while we waited for our lift up to the Mega View Banquet Hall. One staff actually offered us his stash of kuih while we were waiting. I immediately declined but he insisted, hence I took a small piece of donut for Aiden to eat while profusely thanking him.

Since we arrived late, I apologize beforehand for the unflattering food pictures. But I promise you, the spread was every bit as good as the promos promised. There was a large variety of dishes and food was constantly replenished. It was definitely authentic kampung food. I even had not one, not two but rather three helpings of Chef Ismail's daging salai masak lemak. It was thatttttt good.

Anyway, enough talk. Here are the pictures from the night:

Love the personalized signed plates!

Let's start with the best three dishes of the night, namely daging salai masak lemak, ikan patin masak tempoyak and asam pedas ikan pari, and then continue with the rest of the spread. *drool*

Look at those chunky pieces of beef!

Hubby's favourite!

I love ikan pari!

Nasi dagang with gulai ikan tongkol.

You can also choose to have nasi ulam with siput sedut.

Love the presentation in traditional kuali.

If the dishes are yellow, they are almost always Nogori food!

The sambal sotong was a tad spicy for Aiden.

However he really enjoyed the ayam kalio.

The lala in oyster sauce was also not spicy. I suspect this and ayam plum (chicken cooked with plum sauce, not in picture) were both made with children in mind.

There were also small stalls outside for dishes such as kuey teow goreng, mee goreng mamak, laksa penang and mee hoon sup utara.

Multiple types of kerabu.

My favourite was the daun pucuk ubi with sambal belacan.

Next up, desserts! You simply have to try the mouth-watering serawa durian and pengat pisang. They are both Chef Ismail's specialty.

Serawa durian with pulut... so creamy with a tinge of durian. Superb!

I can never resist trying out bubur lambuk.

Roti jala with dalca, and murtabak.

Assortments of kuih - unfortunately the kuih sarang semut/gula hangus was finished by the time I eventually got to dessert!

They even had a kawah filled with fresh dodol!

Aiden even had a hand at trying to kacau dodol.

Traditional music accompanied the patrons during their meal.

Dari Rebung ke KL Tower!

Aiden playing with the props on stage.

The Ramadhan buffet even comes with free tickets to the observation deck. As it was Aiden's first time at the deck, he eagerly asked to look through the binoculars. Oh, how I wish KL Tower would provide lower mounted binoculars to cater for kids. Because we had to hunt for a chair for Aiden to stand on, for him to be able to appreciate the view. 

On the left was Aiden on tip toes, trying to peer through the binoculars. We eventually found him a chair.

Smiling at the breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur.

He claimed that he could see our house! Uhuh, yes Aiden, i'm sureeeee we can see all the way to Shah Alam with those binoculars.

Pretty colourful showcase of all the tallest towers in the world.

A creative picture of KLCC against the colourful showcase.

Thank you for having us, Menara KL!


  1. Hi Liz,

    My tummy is growling right now. those dishes looks so delicious I had to quickly scroll down :p

    1. Hahaha but the problem with fasting is that you can't stuff all those delicious looking dishes down in one go. Lepastu balik asyik teringat kat all that I didn't get to try *giggles*

  2. puan...aiden lupa remove kasut nya sebelum berdiri di atas bangku tersebut. :-P

    1. You are very observant! Yes betul, the minute I turned, Aiden dah berdiri atas bangku tuh with his shoes on. I apologize on his behalf...


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